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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Heavens to Murgatroyd !

That was what I said.  I don't think I've heard that phrase since the early '70s but that's what I hollered when I saw all this!

Not now...

That is a late-night screen shot just before my phone died.  It's a book that's made my Janine Vangool, editor and creator of UPPERCASE magazine.  She is creating a series of inspirational encyclopedias.  Stitch*illo is the third book.  The first two are 'Feedsacks' and 'Botanica'.  The subtitle of this one is 'Every Stitch Tells a Story' and lookie!  I was invited in!

Not now...

... in with a group of incredible embroidery artists from around the planet!  Wow.  UPPERCASE magazine has been around as long as I've been blogging, and is entirely self-published and ads-free. You know what happens when you pull all the ads out of a magazine?  Well, there's not much content left.  Uppercase is chalk-full.

The book set is equally gorgeous.  The set is available for order (this one edition is still in pre-order phase).  They come with a few changeable dust jackets as well, loaded with colour and patterns.

And so image me with a smile ear-to-ear when all of a sudden someone shows me THIS!

okay, NOW!


I realize I don't have much to say that's sounds remotely intelligent in this post, but my mind has been blown.  ; )  This is fabulous.  If you are on IG, you can also check out some production shots of this book at uppercase.  : )  To learn more, see the whole set, or pre-order, you can go to their website here  UPPERCASEmagazine.com

Have a great day!


Lin said...

Fantastic Monika, well done you. And it's not a phrase I have heard for many a year!!!! xx

Giddings Art said...

This is so COOL!! It's gorgeous! Funny...I haven't heard that phrase for a long time either. And I was impressed that you knew how to spell it! haha

Cathy Smith said...

Hi Monika! I don't know if I should hug you or slug you...HA! I just had to pre-order the book!! There goes my craft budget already. I hadn't even heard of the magazine or books, so thank you for introducing me to yet another classy, fantastic venue for stitching inspiration (besides your blog!). Thanks for sharing...big hugs!! (Boy, I better get back to work; their site has too many temptations for me to tarry on...all those books and magazines....)

Threadpainter said...

Kudos to a hard working mother and artist extrordinaire !

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