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Sunday, 9 April 2017


Hello!  I'm chuckling to myself.  What's the saying?  'Old habits die hard?'  I had announced that I would start up Sketchbook Sundays.  I am!  However, I have photographs to show you today.  I just have to.  Last weekend I did the All Beings Confluence workshop (see last post).  This weekend, I headed out with my camera and my youngest child to take in a good spring sunset.

I know when the skies are full of chunky clouds, the sunset will be worth it.  It's the clouds that catch all those crazy colours.

But look at this.
LOOK AT THIS!  This makes me so upset.  I know it's spring, and I know it's windy, but COME ON!

tsk tsk.

We drove more and soon the sun sank below the cloudline to bring on some good colours.

Fabulous, isn't it!?  I took a lot of pictures of my daughter taking pictures because, well, that's what moms do.  haha.

It was dusk soon - that time when it's difficult to get a good focus on things.  It feels like you are in between worlds and judging distance becomes difficult.

We pack up and turned around to head home ...
and THIS happened!

click to view larger

There were nine deer right in front of us.  They obviously didn't mind our presence.  One bolted, but the rest stayed to eat.  Our hearts melted all over the place. One by one, they hopped across the road and headed toward the river en mass.  How beautiful.  We drove so slow, and continued to see more and more and more.  We lost count.  We probably saw 3 dozen all total.  It was incredible.

and yes, I wrote to Martha to tell her.  : )

Happy Sunday everyone!


Lin said...

Great pictures Monika. xx

Dahn said...

As usual, your pictures are fabulous..

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