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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Winter Beautiful xo

Right between the Winter Solstice and Christmas, my good Australian friend had family come visit her for the holidays.  The plan was for me to take them all out to see 'winter' on the prairie.  We've had such a very mild winter.  As luck would have it, the night before we went out had a thick fog just full of moisture in the air.  It stuck to everything, and we ended up with a world coated in hoar frost the next morning!  How lucky for the Australian visitors!  I decided Beaver Creek Conservation area would be the best since there's a lot of trails through trees there - things for the frost to stick to.  Last year we spent the morning at Cranberry Flats.

As we drove up to the parking lot, I was thoroughly fulfilled by the fields and grasses!  (You know me... who needs trees?)  The grasses and seed heads were gorgeous.  It looks like thick icing sugar dusted on everything,  People love to take pictures of this dead tree that just won't fall over.  lol

Truthfully - the above photo was taken on our way out, after the daylight had filled the air.  The first photos were so dark and so blue before the sunrise.  It was almost spooky!

There was really no colour besides grasses and the peeled back bark.  The chickadees were out full force and followed us where ever we went.  Here's my friend with her guest waiting for the birds to come and land (which they did).

It was so very fun that morning.  On the way back out, OH MAN!!  That field just made me SO happy.  ; )

Once we got to the city again, the sun came out at the sky turned blue.  The guests went out again for more photos.  It was never ended change of scenery.  It was magical.

Wonderful.  AND THEN...  my friend introduced me to some photo filtering apps. These is so great, and gives me so many ideas...

and THIS!  ...

Isn't that cool?  My husband hates it because it's a 'fake painting' so to speak.  Still... I spent hours putting loads of images through it.  My dog - trees - fields - sunsets - lakes.... so fun.  : )

I hope your holidays were lovely and memorable.  All the best to you and yours,


Sonia Parham said...

great pics! :)

Margaret said...

Happy New Year, Monika! "Who needs trees?" I'm glad you found 'em. Here? All the streets end in trees! Love your inspiration, as always. Blessings!

Linda Barker said...

Holiday Greetings from Whitehorse... I love your fake painting picture. There is a different kind of realism to it and In many ways it is like your landscape art, to me anyway. What was the app that you used?

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