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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Poppies and Postcards

After driving many hours west to teach, I drove a few hours east last week as well!  I headed to Foam Lake to run a full day Creative Quilted Postcards Workshop.  As I prepare for teaching this class, I always get a little nervous trying to come up with a theme.  Each time I run this workshop (at least 20 times now) I come up with a new theme.  Noticing everyone with poppies on their jackets, I figured that was a great idea!  Poppies!  : )  How fitting.  The only problem was I really didn't have much red in my huge stash of scraps.  So, off to the LQS!

The shop was closed on that day, but the owner was kind enough to meet me there to sell me some poppy-red fabrics.  Then she headed to the classroom with us to take the workshop!  (Thank you Catherine!)  Notice the pretty posies on her card!?  So pretty!

With a full day class, we did a couple themes.  The morning theme was 'Poppies'.  After my 'spiel' we got to work.  This class was in the Home Ec room of a local highshool.  What a great space!

Everyone had their own tables to work at.  This is Audrey, working on her poppy postcard.  Just look at her!  She's so good at what she does, she can sew projects with one hand.  : )

Audrey is the woman who contacted me about the workshop, and was kind enough to have me stay the night before at her home.  She fed me fish and wine for supper.  She showed me all her favourite things on the walls.  She has a beautiful sewing room which reminded me a lot of my space: French doors that open to a long, bright room with dark brown laminate floors.  And her guest bed gave me the best sleep I've had in a long, long time.  Thank you again Audrey for having me!

Here are the results of the Poppy challenge - 13 beautiful and unique mini art quilts.

I regret that I don't have close ups of all of them.  The details are beautiful.  I will show you a couple I did get images of.  This next one has so many layers which gives is a nice feel.

This next one was very unique.  She made the poppy seed pods!  How creative.

When she started the top pod, he bobbin thread came loose.  We decided to leave it, and say it was on purpose to add dimension, (just don't tell anyone!)

I love the photo above!  They are all checking out each other's work.  I have more to show with the afternoon theme, but I'll save it for another post.

If you are interested in a class with me in Saskatoon, I have room in my Postcards class scheduled for Monday, November 16th in the afternoon.  Message me at Monika@MySweetPrairie.ca.  There are 2 spots left.


Lin said...

What a lovely collection of cards and I do love those seed heads - they look just like a drawing. xx

valerie hiscock said...

again! another great class!!!! would take both the cards and thread painting again!!!!
awesome instructor!!!!!

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