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Friday, 13 November 2015

Hot & Cold Theme

Hello!  Here is the final installment of the Foam Lake workshop I taught.  The afternoon theme was 'Hot and Cold'.  The women were encouraged to use both warm and cool colours from the colour wheel, and also work around the theme of staying warm in the cold.  I was fully expecting to have a winter theme, but winter just has not arrive here!  So the idea of warm/cool seemed like a very fun challenge.  As the women worked on finishing up their poppy cards, I worked on separating my fabric stash into warm and cool colours.

If you look, you can see that there is a large mirror suspended from the ceiling in the classroom.  It's a Home Ec room, so this is used for food prep demonstrations, allowing the students to be able to see the counter top from their desks.

You know me... Photo op!!  : )

this is a photo of the mirror above the work table!

That's so neat!  There you can see the cool fabric colours on the left and the warm fabric colours on the right.  the middle boxes are full of embellishment odds and ends (yarn, ric rac, tulle, dryer sheets, buttons, sequins).

With the Hot & Cold theme, I also had some templates available.  They are all still 4x6" postcards, but with pieces chopped out.

elbow deep in fabric, trying to make a decision 

Everyone finished, but this next photo was a bit premature.  The participants were asked to add more in the way of embellishments with the afternoon theme.  Here are some of the results...

Here is a great example of the use of yarns, both in the composition and for the border as well!

Hot Cocoa on a Cold Day

Notice that she used hot & cold for the subject as well as for the choice of fabrics.  : )
Oh, and check these out!

His & Her Mittens

Aren't they adorable!?  These were made by Audrey, the woman I billeted with.  Good gosh, she is creative.  Coincidentally, she happens to sell dried flower pendants & jewelry at Handmade House!  She is also a seamstress and a great photographer.  You rock Audrey.

And here is the last one I'll show you.  Pretty cute!

The funny thing is that I was assuming it would be winter by now, but it just hasn't happened.

Thank you so much to the whole class in Foam Lake!  I had such a fun day with you all.  One participant won the draw for a postcard to be mailed to her from me!  : )  I mailed it off this week.


Radka said...

I like the "hot cocoa" :-)

Mertie said...

What a great job by everyone! They're so imaginative and gorgeous!

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