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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My Hand at Mixed Media

Yes.  Mixed media. You weren't expecting to see that headline, where you!?  Well, here's what happened.  I have tens of thousands of photographs that I took over the past decade.  Thanks to blogging, they are all sorted digitally into into years, and individual months.  There are so many that I have one file I call my, 'gosh I like these photos so much that I will have to turn them into art someday' folder.  They happen to have animals in them: birds, deer, bison to name a few.  It's not that I can't threadpaint animals, but the nature of these photos are such that the background is SO out of focus, it serves as just that - a blurred background.  In my opinion, these photos would look entirely overdone if they were loaded with thread.  You know?  Like, they wouldn't 'breathe'.  I'm not interested in printing off the photo and framing it.  So, I very subtly embellished the images. Seriously?  I LOVE it.

This photo happens to be my facebook banner.  It's a photo I took a few years back on a hot day in September.  I think this is a good crop.

Two in the Bush - embellished photo on cloth

I chuckled.  Is it a 2013 artwork or is it a 2015?  I think it should be dated 2015 as a new art piece.

Here's a photo I took the day I went out with my friend Michelle and out pack of combined children to see the Solstice sunrise.  It is also 'two in the bush'.  (Ha - that's funny, I just noticed that.)

You see what I mean by 'subtle embellishment'?  Only the things that are in front of the deer are stitched, which I love because it gives the impression that the deer are distinctly behind the foreground.  Believe it or not, I did use four or five colours in that one:  white, grey, grey, another grey, and a blueish grey.  Pretty fun.

I'm considering hanging these in Gardenscape if I can get them framed in time.  At least I can see what the response to these are.  I'll set these prices lower than my threadpaintings.  If they flop, no matter.  I love them and I will keep then in my home.  If they are are loved, I can make more for me, couldn't I?  : )

see you soon,


HollyM said...

I think they're beautiful! Your photography is an artwork on its own. The thread work enhances them.
I'll bet you'll have lots of interest!

Anonymous said...

You will have lots of interest in them...BUT if they don't happen to sell in Gardenscape put them up in your Etsy store(where I can buy them!!)

elle said...

a great idea!

Seams French said...

Love your idea. The stitching on the neutral coloured photos is very effective. Fantastic!

Hooked on a Feeling said...

love these, I'm sure they'll sell. And yes, add them to Etsy as well!

Vicki W said...

They are beautiful!

g.a.s. said...

OH I wish I could be at Gardenscape.These are amazing as all your art is.Look forward to seeing them in your esty store.Drive safe and have a great weekend. g.a.s.

Lin said...

They are lovely. xx

Kit Lang said...


I especially love the deer: would go beautifully with a photograph I just purchased.

Congratulations! You're a mixed media artist!

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said...

They are all lovely, but the winner for me is the deer!

arlee said...

The depth created in these with your touch is magical.

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