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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Earth and Heather

This is done and signed and framed.  This turned out really great.  I like it even better now that it's ready to put on the wall.  Earth and Heather, 2015 is in a 10"x20" coffee coloured frame with a linen mat.  It's really big - you can click on the image to view it full screen.

click to view full screen

It's here on my lilac wall, waiting for a new home.  The linen mat is slightly off-white and it really softens up the whole piece.  We tried with with white and other colours but it clashed or looked too stark.  This choice makes me proud to show you.

I never know with these new pieces, how they will work in a frame.  Now I have a stack of round embroideries that I'm creating.  Not sure what the plan is.  Maybe I can cut foam core perfectly round to mount these on to.  We shall see...

Before I forget - Friday at 1 pm is the Silk Ribbon Floral Embroidery class at my studio.  The class is full & waitlisted.   For those of you who are signed up, I look forward to stitching pretties with you then! : )

Have a great day,


Lin said...

Beautiful. And your round pieces look so good too. xx

Heather J said...


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