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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Things I Love Thursday

: )

My heart is all a-flutter after today.  I visited to 2 groups of Kindergarten children to speak about fibre art, about prairies, about horizons, and about colour.  I showed them images of low horizons compared to high horizons.  (The gasps were marvelous!)  I showed them images of green fields, brown fields, yellow fields.  We talked about all the colours we've ever seen in the sky here on the prairie:  pink, orange, red, black, yellow, blue, grey, white, purple (of course, this was all in French).  And then I reminded them of the prairie art they saw at the gallery last Friday - the strips of cloth used to make prairies in Heather Lair's torn cloth landscapes and Leah Gravell's pieced art quilts.  I explained to the five year olds how making landscapes with fabric is a bit like playing 'I Spy'.  Which fabric will work for this field?  or this muddy road?  or this stormy sky?

I opened my box of fabric strips (thank you Jean!!) and then the magic happened.  : )

They chose their colours thoughtfully, and measured to make sure each would fit on the background. We did a collage-style project with plenty of beautiful batiks and some fuzzy yarns.

she shows me her high horizon, and how she loves the sky fabric

I love it.

she made a winter field with a pretty sunset

I love it.

driving past a field on the way to the farm

I love it.

how can you not love this!?

I love it!

i giggled when a few kids referred to the yellow as a 'granola field'  

I love it.  I love these so much that I could show you every single one.  There were about forty made between the two classes and EACH one is SO fantastic.  They are all in the front entry way of the school.  It's an incredible sight, blazing with colour!

look at his beautiful sky and the little green trees down on the low horizon to the left  : )

Here's one more photo.  I have put a lot more on the My Sweet Prairie facebook page - at least the ones I could post quickly from my phone camera.  It's worth going to take a look!

From the bottom of my prairie heart, thanks so much to Ecole Victoria School and homeroom teacher Mme McCrea for having me in.  I'm in fibre art heaven.

Happy Thursday!


liloca, liloquinha said...

Lindo o que você fez!!!
Essas crianças nunca esquecerão!!!
Postei para minha filha que mora em Munique e trabalha num kindergarden e tem uma mãe que gosta de tecidos!!!

Terri said...

Not many artists share their methods and supplies. You are awesome. (and in French, too!)

Lin said...

Stunning. xx

Colleen said...

Those are amazing! You have surely inspired them.

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