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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Joy of Threadpainting

It's been a pretty great week so far.  I had a studio visit from yet another Australian Canadian.  It's really fascinating how many people from Down Under purchase my work.  This is the one that that was made for her, but she still wanted to have a peek around just in case she fell in love with another threadpainting.

Gentle Autumn, 2015 (sold)

I'm a tad frustrated at how muddy and grey the image looks.  It's very light and soft and happy.  I think it's the photo editor I'm using  The entire background of the editor it black, so when I"m adjusting the colours to be 'true', they aren't.  While editing this on a black background, it seemed as if I had set it very bright.  Now on the white background of the blog, I see that it's not.  Even though my monitors are set good not, I will look around for another system to use for brightening and cropping images.

...but you didn't need to read all that.  Boring technical difficulties!  : )

I finished off another little canola field.  I left one in the Craft Council Boutique and it was sold right away.  "Road Trip" - thank you so much to the new owner!  I've had my work moving at the MacKenzie Gallery shop in Regina too!  Wonderful news!

The Height of Summer, 2015  5x5" framed to 10x10"  *Available*

And I am slowly (slowest ever) getting this class sample done.  It's so pretty, but because I've never done this piece before, I am taking my time.  I don't want to wreck it!

chick a dee dee dee dee

It's interesting going back and forth between yarn/crewel embroidery and free machine threadpaintings.  They are such entirely different processes.  I forgot how fast machine work is in comparison to hand stitching large pieces.  It's good for me to break up the style and approach.  Too much of one thing can get uninspiring.  I admit, I miss the hum of the sewing machine.  I feel a surge now of wanting to do a whole pile of free motion pieces again!  Now that I'm settled in my space, it's all coming together so much easier.  The studio visits are helpful because they force me to tidy up and keep things fairly organized.

Today is the day I put all the class supplies together for the schools I'll be at this week.  Did I say 100 kids?  I was wrong.  It's 125.  I can hardly wait to show you all the beautiful projects they will be doing!  Also, if you don't hear back from me soon, Thursday is the curator's talk at 7pm for the Our Prairie in Fibre exhibition.  It was a great show to put together and I'm excited to share my experience with you.  I'm not sure how long I'm supposed to talk, but I'm guessing it will be an hour?  813 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon.  The show will stay up until Feb 21.  See you there! : )

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Terri said...

So beautiful... anything you touch turns to something amazing. Love the bird... one of my favorite kinds. The embroidery reminds me of work my Grandma did before she was married. I never could figure out how to fill in the spaces so smoothly and integrated with the next colors. Guess I should be content to quilt.
Thanks for sharing your pictures.

corinne said...

SUPERBE et tellement réaliste, j'aime beaucoup

Suzanne Ramsay said...

Your work is beautiful. I have my laptop hooked up to a tv screen. The colour looks brighter on the tv screen. But your colours are not at all muddy on my laptop,, just less bright. Can you adjust the brightness on your computer screen? What we see is beautiful.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Beautiful work Monica, your thread work is fabulous.

Dorothée said...

It's just magical ! I dream of being able to do this j=kind of marvels ! Regards from France

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Thank you everyone! And hello to France : ) So nice to see you all.

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