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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Things I Love Thursday

I love this January.  We have had the mildest 2 or three weeks.  It's been lovely!

Sutherland Beach in January

With the fabulous weather came a bout of outdoor skating!  We love outdoor skating on ponds the most, but our local one still has warning signs up from the warm weather.  We headed off to the Bess rink overlooking the river.  I had forgotten it was 'Winter Shines' - when Saskatoon hosts lots of fun outdoor activities.  We have never taken part because usually it's minus 40C around this time of year.  Not so this January.  We skated on the worst rink conditions ever (slush and puddles) and loved every second of it!  ; )

conga line on ice, led by Anna, Elsa & Olaf in downtown Saskatoon

I love skating at the Bessborough Hotel.  The new warm up house still has the wood stove, but lots of glass windows to see the rink, and loads and loads of free rental skates for all sizes.  There was a big bonfire and huge speakers playing fun music.  Free hotdogs and hot chocolate too!  We stayed until our feet hurt.  I love stepping back into my winter boots after skating.  It feels like velvet slippers!  : )

Being outside by the first and having that much fun completely rejuvenated my spirit.  I kept wondering - why do I feel SO GOOD?  Was it the fresh air?  Was it the skating?  Then I realized.. it was sitting by the fire.  I love fires.  So, after supper back at home, I hauled out the firewood and started a good blaze in our backyard.  The wood was so so dry that one hit with the axe caused a lot to split into three!  lol  No kidding.  It took 2 second and it was burning strong.  We had a great night poking at the coals and relaxing by the flames.

Happy Thursday everyone!  : )

1 comment:

Terri said...

To me a fire screams for hot dogs and marshmallows.

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