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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Hello Monday. Nice to See You.

What a weekend.

Friday night was the reception for Our Prairie in Fibre.  The gallery was JAM PACKED which was so wonderful!  There were over three pages worth of signatures from Saskatoon, Biggar, Kindersley, Wolseley, Martensville, Regina, Batoche, oh my - where else am I forgetting?  There were visitors in the city who came too, so we have signatures from Victoria and Ontario as well!  Wow!  The room was not just packed with people, but it was packed with smiles.  It was especially heartwarming to see so many familiar faces from Quilt Guild.  It was a really enjoyable night!

Bounty by Judy Weiss, Alberta

The next morning I headed back to the gallery for a newspaper interview.  No kidding!  That will be in the Saskatoon Express a week from now.  In fact, CBC Radio Canada inquired as well!  I (unfortunately) do not speak French, and so we directed them to one of the artists whom I understand is originally from Quebec.  I love the press this has been getting, it's quite a thrill!  I'll see if I can track down the French interview and link it for you.

Then Sunday, I spent the day with my mother at the hospital.  That was an ordeal.  

She is going to be fine.  Thank goodness her hometown x-rays were entirely incorrect.  She spent 4 hours on highway to be told that in fact nothing is broken.  I am wiped out right now.  That was a stressful day.  My mom.  She hates being in hospitals, or anywhere with walls and flourescent lighting.  Or anywhere where there is people or pavement.  I kept trying to calm her down and remind her to breathe.  I tried to get her mind off of things during the (what seemed like forever) waiting. Eventually I was told, 'Stop treating me like a child!' to which I replied, 'Then quit acting like one!'. When they told her she didn't need surgery, pins, or a cast and that she can go home now, she had her coat on and was heading to the door before I was even up from my seat.  You have no idea how difficult it was for me to then convince her that she needed to come back and wait for some test results.  Hardest thing I've ever done.

And then we sat together on a little cot alone between some curtains.  "How long has it been?"  and "Shouldn't it be done yet?" and "Now can I go?" and "Why do I have to stay?"

I love my mom.  I told my little girl all about it later and warned her that I could be like that some day.  My daughter just smiled and shook her head.  : )

Now I'm back home, tidying up my studio and planning to spend Monday making up samples for a spring retreat. I'll be teaching for Tiger Lily Quilts in the southern part of the province.  There will be an informative Landscapes Lecture & Slideshow, Beginner Threadpainting Class, and Creative Quilted Postcards Workshop.  It will be in mid-March.  Really, March is not that far away.  I'm still feeling confused that POOF it's already the end of January.  It must be the mild winter.  That has been the best.  Thank you Mother Nature.  : )

Talk soon!


elle said...

yes, we get there one day. And then our daughters get there also! Have a great week1 :)

Terri said...

So glad to hear the show is packed and lots have come to see it. My hubby wonders why it's running now when it might have been easier to get there during the summer. (I figured you've gotta have some beauty during the winter....)
I love your daughter's response. She does not think that you could get that way.
I've gotten that way by living this long and bumping heads with the ridiculous "customer service reps" who accuse me of selling my syringes (I take Insulin - ) of not needing more (the little twit couldn't do the math 4 shots a day time 90 days is too much for her pea brain)... and other indignities foisted on us by the pharmacy. They want you to stick around and get told how to take meds that you've taken for years already. WHAT? They seem to think you live to think about your health every minute. Sorry, I've better things to do.
Hope your Mom's tests turned out just fine and she can stay home again for a while. I like that, too. Guess I'm probably the same age.

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