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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Gearing Up

Woo boy.  I'm a tad nervous.  The show I've curated is up and almost ready for Friday night's opening reception.  I have to speak at the reception.  Oh boy.  I have to say, what an amazing feeling to see the art in person.  I went again today to do some last minute hanging on one final wall, and spent some time walking around, looking close at each piece.  Until now, the show has only been a vision and a series of emailed jpegs for the most part.  I was lucky enough to see and chose some pieces in person, but WOW.  Seeing it all come together is great.  The exhibition coordinators Stephanie and Les were so terrific at putting it all up.  Les was the man with the hammer and so often directed me to stand back to look and see how each piece worked on the wall.  "Okay.  A bit to the left.  Now lower the right side.  Lift the whole thing up.  Now - woah.  Stop.  Down a bit.  Perfect!  Oh.  Wait....  is this floor crooked?"  lol  And then on to the next one.  I'm so glad I didn't have to do all that by myself.  It would have taken me a week.  I'm feeling really grateful for the whole experience so far.  It was really nice to be alone in the room afterwards to soak it all up in silence.  What a great collection.

Poncho by Cindy Hoppe, Saskatchewan / Hooked rug by Rachel LeBlanc, Alberta

There's quite a lineup of artists.  Some are very new.  Some are long standing professionals.  Some have passed on from this world, but it warms my heart to be able to share their creations long after the fact.  What else can I tell you?  Some artists were born and raised on the prairie.  Some moved here and had to learn to love & connect with it.

I love the variety.  I love the cohesion.  I love the stories.

'Waiting for the Wind' by Judith Panson, Manitoba

Well, I could talk and talk about this on and on.  lol  I'll stop here.  Perhaps this will be a good time to sort my thoughts into something articulate and purposeful.  Ooooh - wish me luck!  And to each and every artist who has lent me their creation for this exhibition, thank you so much.

Our Prairie in Fibre
813 Broadway Ave, Saskatoon
Jan 16 - Feb 21, 2015
Reception 7pm on Fri Jan 16th
Curator's talk 7pm on Thurs Feb 5th


Places to visit in Gurgaon said...
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HollyM said...

How very exciting to see and absorb all those works and to meet the artists. You'll be fine. Wish I could see it!

elle said...

Oh, yes! Exciting for sure. Wish I could see it as well!

elle said...
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Lin said...

Wishing you lots and lots of luck with that speech! - you don't need it for the exhibition because it is going to be superb anyway. xx

Patti said...

You'll be great. I can't wait to pop in and see the show. Such hints of beautiful things!
Good luck!

Deb Oldenburg said...

thank you for posting the link to the show-i would never have been able to see it in person .Wow-just great and awe inspiring. adore your work

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