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Monday, 26 January 2015

3 Photos / 5 Day Challenge - Day 1

Goodmorning!  We are enjoying weeks of 'Sprinter'.  That's my term for spring when it's really winter.  It's been above 0C for so long now.  I missed out on my Sunday Snapshots as we've been enjoying skating outdoors, sledding, snow fort building, bonfires, even some swimming out in the back yard (hot tub under the stars).  We had an action packed outdoor family weekend and I was nowhere near my studio.

Meanwhile, over on Facebook, I was nominated for ArtChain, a challenge that's been going around.  The deal is that you agree to post 3 images related to your art every day for five days.  You also need to pass the torch and nominate others to do so.  What a fun thing!  I decided to share my images here on the blog as well.  Thank you Nell Burns of Nells Embroidery for the nomination!  I have links to her pages at the ed of this post, so stay tuned...

Image #1

This is a 'selfie' - a simple black and white image of my first evening with a drop spindle.  There's something I love so much about seeing hands working.  I remember sitting in a guild meeting where one woman worked on a little art quilt at our table, right across from me.  I don't even recall what the presentation was about.  I do remember how much I enjoyed watching her hands poke the needle in and out, drawing the tiny thread with it.  (Am I weird?)   I enjoyed it so much.  I think I'm so busy watching my own work, that I forget how wonderful it is to just observe an artist's hands.

Image #2

I realize this image isn't that old, but I really like it, and thought I would show it again.  It's based on a scene overlooking the Saskatchewan River in Autumn.  I was in the darn, but the setting sun behind me just lit up the facing bank.  It was glorious!  This was a commission that went to Australia.  (p.s.  Happy Australia Day!)

Image #3

No, it's not my art.  But it's the result of a series of workshops at the Children's Discovery Museum last year.  I had tables set up for young ones of all ages to embroider their own 'wish flag' which was based on the idea of Tibetan Prayer Flags.  You can see a section in the background.  For those who where done early or were not interested in participating, I had my bicycle in the room and invited the kids to embellish it.  I LOVE WHAT THEY DID!!  I had piles of fabric strips and loads of scraps and yarns.  They had so much fun.  You can just see the joy in this spin off of 'yarn bombing'.  I still have it in my garage, unable to undress it.  I adore my bike like this!

I hope you enjoy my week of this challenge.  It will be like five days of 'Sunday Snapshots' and 'Things I Love Thursday' combined.

Thank you Nell!  You can find her under 'Nells Embroidery' on Facebook here, and her gorgeous Etsy shop here.

Have a beautiful day!


Lin said...

Great pictures Monika - I love the one of your hand. xx

Lin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Threadpainter said...

I would hate to undress that bike also !
Glad you are enjoying Sprinter (cute ;)) and I will look forward to the rest of the photo challenge ! Off to visit Nell !

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