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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Things I Love Thursdays


Earlier in the week, I read that the sun would break out after days and days and days of fog and cloud.  The hoar frost is beautiful, but we want our sunshine back!  So off we went - me and my friend and our children - on a morning sunrise hike.

Sunrise time was 9:15 am.  There it began!  Fire broke through the last of the low clouds.

Then all across the land, things began to GLOW with golden sunshine.  Everything came alive!

WELCOME BACK DEAR SUNSHINE!  You are my favourite thing about winters on the Prairie.

I love the snowberries along the path.  Everything began to sparkle.  It always amazes me how the hoar frost piles up on the sunny side of things.  I think winter is the most beautiful, magical season ever.

I am so grateful we headed out.  What a pile of beautiful Winter Solstice photos I have now!  It was one day late, but we had no sunrise to see on Monday.

The children all had so much fun.  We had so much fun.  It was warm out, there was no wind.  We saw seven deer, and listened to a pack of coyotes singing from across the river.

I love this last photo.  I just get such a kick out of it:  my friend Michelle taking pictures of the kids posing on the parking lot posts.  : )

Happy Winter Holidays folks, and Merry Christmas!  Have a beautiful week. : )


Kate said...

Beautiful photos, Monika. Good on you and your friend for introducing your children to the wonders of nature and winter.
Merry Christmas to you and your family. ^^

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Merry Christmas Monika!

Terri said...

What a great idea, an early Christmas walk. I really enjoyed your pictures, Monika. So beautiful and some so cute! Thanks for sharing with us.
Merry Christmas!

quiltergirl said...

You invaded my Christmas...I received the embroidery stand you mentioned in a previous blog, and the quilters Connection magazine in my stocking with your article. Love your snowy pictures, but our walk along the ocean today was so enjoyable.

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Oh that's funny! :)

Threadpainter said...

What Fabulous pics ! Thanks for sharing your early morning sun-watching walk.
Been out of the blogging loop for a few weeks ... settling into routine now, just checking what everyone has been up to !
Glad you can use your new studio for a bit more ... Happy New Year, Monika !

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