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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Things I Love Thursday

It's been a long time since I've posted Things I Love Thursday.  Things have been rough in other aspects of my life.  But today... this week... there is just so much happy-happy-happy coming in again and it feels so good.

I love my studio.  It has become a wonderful gathering place.  This photo was taken after a women's workshop I hosted with a good friend.  I think the photo actually shows the good feelings left behind after everyone went home, back to their families.

And thank you so much to the wonderful friend and mentor who gifted me these.  They looked so pretty in the evening light that I had to photograph them.

I popped in to the SK Craft Council to pay up my membership dues.  And there on the desk were these!  I did not know this was done!  I card was made for each artist whose works were selected for the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra fundraiser.

Rug Hookings by Jean Ottosen, Postcard by me.

THAT certainly brightened my day!!  Those little prairie rugs are gorgeous.  You'll see more of them at the 'Our Prairie in Fibre' show next month fyi.

WOW.  That is so wonderful!  I am so thankful today - for all the goodness going around.  AND THE WEATHER.  It's been so incredibly mild out, it totally makes up for last winter's deep freeze.

Have a beautiful Thursday folks! : )


JennyPennyPoppy said...

Your studio looks awesome Monika and the card with one of your landscape postcards looks great.

Threadpainter said...

Hey, congrats on the cards !
Have been lying low lately and decided to visit a few fellow bloggers tonight ... your studio sure looks inviting !
If I don't get back before Christmas, wishing you and yours a great one !

HollyM said...

Something always comes along to make us thankful. I'm glad for you.
Such beautiful threads! What a lovely gift.

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