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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sunday Snapshots

No landscape photos today.  But I have to tell you that yesterday's craft sale was FANTASTIC.  Great music, great food, great people!  Thank you everyone for stopping in.  My son set up a leatherwork table and sold half of his work!  He's so proud to make more.  He's 11. 

As promised, I ducked out an hour early to head off the the Saskatoon Spinners & Weaver's Guild annual sale.  I cannot miss that one.  I'm telling you, I am in the BEST of spirits when I am in that room.  Some day... some day - I will be one of them.  I always leave feeling so deeply happy and fulfilled by everything I see and touch.   : )

So, today marks 3 weeks until the Winter Solstice.  That's when we open our gifts.  Tonight, we'll get down to setting up our tree with some hand made, lights, and cookies strung up.  I can't wait!  LOOK what I came home with from the sale!  xo

They are pieces of woven work, wrapped on wooden dowels and embellished to hang on the tree.  SO pretty.  I bought one for each person in our house.

Oh - and wouldn't you know it!?  I secured 2 more items that I feel were missing for the Our Prairie in Fibre.  This show I'm curating for the SK Craft Council will open January 6th in Saskatoon.  HAPPY!  : )  I'm believe I skipped out of that room giggling.  ; )

Have a VERY HAPPY Sunday everyone,


Terri said...

So happy to hear your show was a success! Better still to hear that your son did well... and is enjoying his hobby, as well.
Way to go, you two.

Lin said...

Thanks Monika! Glad all went well and especially that your son did well. The ornaments that you bought look absolutely delightful. xx

Audrey said...

Beautiful ornaments. I buy or make a handcrafted ornament for each family member every year. All anticipate what the ornament will be. This year it is embroidered felt mittens. So cute. Yours have given me an idea for next year. Thanks for sharing. Happy Sunday.

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