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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sunday Snapshots


Late August... oh it's beautiful and so bountiful.

I took one of my kids on a 'me-and-mom-only' date.  We headed to our favorite place - Cranberry Flats.  This time, we were led down a new trail - completely mesmerized by the change of scenery.

The sage, goldenrod, and blazing stars are bursting out there.  It's gorgeous.  I stood in a massive bed of goldenrods and when I went to stick my nose closer, I noticed more honeybees than I'd ever seen!

They hung on and barely moved.  Sleepy drunk bees?  Gosh they were cute.  I hope they are alright - they really didn't move.

It's amazing.  It's bee heaven.  Incredible.

Blazing Stars at Sundown

Hmmm... there's a good one to stitch for my next commission.  Can you get over over all that purple!? !!  : )   It's fantastic.



Andy Lloyd Williams said...

Your Sunday photos are beautiful, especially the one "with all that purple" I really love your stitched grasses, would love to try something similar. They give a real sense of peace. Thank you for sharing your work with us.
Andy Lloyd Williams, Bath UK

Kathy's A Quilter said...

Monika..just a note, this is a mass of beautiful golden rod. Love your photos and interpretation.

Monika Kinner-Whalen said...

yes yes - I meant to type Goldenrod and Blazing Star ... and out came Shooting Star and Marigold. Total accident. : ) I knew what I meant to say. lol

Lin said...

Great pictures Monika. We have beautiful flower filled verges here for the first time I can remember. first because it has been such a wet summer so everywhere is green not brown. Secondly, because of the recession the verges are not getting cut so often. Lovely to see.

HollyM said...

How beautiful! I think it's so nice that your children have the interest to accompany you. Mine never had much patience for it. They would more appreciate it now as adults.
As for the bees, they do the same here so I'm sure they're fine although I be no idea really. Good research for yours kids, lol.

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