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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Things I Love Thursday

I love how life suddenly springs up on the prairie.

Flora and fauna.

Fluffing the feathers, and aaah the darling buds of May!

My daughter and I snuck out to the schoolyard across the street early on the morning of Mother's Day Sunday.  I love quiet times with her like that.  The park - well it was not so quiet!  We saw muskrats, a dozen HONKING Canada Geese, ducks/mallard couples awaiting their new arrivals, redwinged blackbirds in the reeds, big fat singing robins, squawky starlings... they were all out having a heyday on the pond.  : )

...and the sun shone like diamonds upon the water   : )

What a beautiful morning!  I love that we can have things like this so close to home.  Ever grateful.

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