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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Get Your Postcards Ready!

Stay tuned...  I have a special announcement to make on Thursday.  It's all about postcards!  For now, I'll take a moment to show off the results of the St. Albert quilt guild's workshop I did in north of Edmonton earlier this month.

adding her golfing gear postcard to the wall  : )

They were a great group!  (Thank you ladies.)  They got right to work and were incredibly productive.  The theme I chose on the snowy day in May was, 'In My Dreams'.  They all took off sewing once that was announced.  I think about half of the women made beach / ocean / lake cards.  See the tanks?  Those were gifts for grandsons.  I just thought I should clarify - no one is dreaming of war.  : )

dreaming of birds in spring

What a great card!  She used the fabric so creatively.  She did some lovely threadpainting on it as well.  Check out this abstract card.  I am not handy with abstract, so it always amazes me when people pull it off so well.  It's very modern looking, isn't it?

dreaming in colour

Everyone loves the point where we display all the cards.  With one common theme, it's always so interesting to see the huge variety.  I personally like the show and tell because we get to hear the stories behind the art.

out came the cameras!  : )

I really appreciate that you were able to fit me in on short notice.  It was great to visit with you all, and you helped me to pay my way to the Prairies show.  : )

I stopped into the WARES shop in the building and saw the prettiest card.  I left empty-handed, deciding to 'pinch my pennies' so to speak.  Later I opened up the thank you card they had given me only to find it was the same card I had my eye on!

Isn't that the coolest thing!?  : )  It totally made my day.


elle said...

ah! SPECIAL!!!

Lin said...

What a lovely collection of cards. xx

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