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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sunday Snapshots

Ah!  It is so nice to be spending long hours outside again.  We were still enjoying SPRINTER all week.  It's the affectionate term for spring that keeps looking like winter.

I adore this photo!!  : )

I notice some people wondering when spring is about to arrive.  I don't know.  In my mind, this IS spring.  It is the strange blustery cool days between winter and summer.

No green yet...  the fields are yellow and the trees still hold least year's autumn leaves.

There are buds on some trees.  The skies are looking pretty springy.  It'll come.  Hang in there.

And then it looked a little more like Winter again.  We had a big dump of snow.  It was warm and wet and sticky.


Lost of my friends posted photos on facebook of giant snow bunny sculptures in their front yards instead of snowmen.  Hilarious!  Some were six feet tall!  I stayed in working on my studio, but the kids had a blast.

I love you too !  xo

And once again, it is looking more like spring.  No buds on our trees yet, but I spied a robin in the top of ours lastnight!  WOW.  Once I got the camera, she was gone.  You'll just have to trust me on that one.

evening sun

Happy Sunday.  Happy Easter!  Happy 'kids are home for ten days' as well.  It's kind of ironic how in Saskatchewan we get February (semester) break and Easter break.  It's like spring break, and second spring break.  haha!  Had you ever thought of it that way?  ; )

1 comment:

elle said...

Spring is a funny season and yes, ya take what ya get- a mixture. Happy Easter!

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