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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Revisiting Favourites

In preparing for my fourth year selling art at the Gardenscape group show, I had a light bulb moment.  I was feeling overwhelmed to produce lots in a short time, and equally overwhelmed at the mounds and mounds of source photos I have taken.  What do I chose next out of thousands of photographs?  You know when you have too many creative ideas - and so you just do nothing?  That was me.

So, about that light bulb!  I kept coming across images of some of my first pieces.  Most were big, daunting projects.  Still, there was something that felt good about the scenes.  So, I decided to make up the 'crowd favorites' once again but in a smaller, more affordable size.  (Think - Mother's Day presents hint hint.)  Also, if you missed out on your favourite in the past, here's your chance.

I did it!  They are all getting framed right now.  There are eight minis along with a handful of larger pieces as well.  The minis are sweet little pieces - no bigger than the photos you see here.  These are a few of my favorites places & memories in stitch.

This was Day's land from the highway one summer.

Canola & Alfalfa, 2014

This was from Grasswood Road.  I went out to capture the sky, and later noticed cattails in the foreground.  Had to stitch it!  ; )

Sky & Cattails, 2014

This was the great melt down a few years ago, from Floral Road.

Spring Melt, 2014

This was also from Grasswood Road, post-storm once the tornado warning had lifted. 

After the Storm, 2014

They will all be under glass with double matting.  I like the square shape.  It's seems intimate, like a little glimpse into somewhere.  They are framed to 10x10 for the wall.  ALL are available and will be for sale at Gardenscape first.  I'll post what remains available next week here on the blog.

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek.  I should have a dozen pieces of available art at Gardenscape.  My volunteer shift is Sunday, but I hope to spend some time there Friday as well.  Have to go see the butterflies!

Gardenscape - The Backyard Lifestyles Show


Anonymous said...

Yay! I can't wait - I love "After the Storm" and "Spring Melt" the best out of those..and I remember loving the 'originals'. I'm very happy you decided to do some mini sizes! I was afraid that your stuff was going to forever be out of my price range(though I understand why), and I so want to have your work up in my house! Hopefully the minis might be something I can really consider! Very excited. -Katie

Poppyprint said...

Always love your stitched minis. The use of the selvage edge in Sky & Cattails is inspiring!

Светлана said...

Потрясающе красиво!!!!

HollyM said...

They are all beautiful! The stitching and texture makes me want to look closer but wow, those skies! The small size is a great idea.

Mary Ann said...

I love them all and I think the mini size is perfect. Good luck :)

Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

Beautiful, Monika! I especially enjoy the Sky and Cattails and After the Storm.

Anonymous said...

They are all gorgeous and I love them being square. xx

Lin said...

Sorry - the last comment was me and I hit anonymous by mistake!

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