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Monday, 17 March 2014

New Juried Work

I've been working hard all month to get enough hand stitched art ready for another jurying session at the Saskatchewan Craft Council.  My session was set for first thing Sunday morning.  Now that it's all said and done now and I FEEL AWESOME!  What a relief.  It's been such an intensely focused month.  I feel like I'm free now; free to create anything my little heart desires.  (And my little heart desires to create many, many things!)

I had my hand stitching juried.  I brought along a half dozen pieces of work including the three sage & grass embroideries.  They have textured linen mats.  I was happy with the frames I found locally as they were perfect color matches for the art.  Unfortunately, I found out too late that my framer is on vacation so these are not my typical custom ordered frames.  The jurors noticed.  : )  I think the grooves gave it away.

Both these are potentially sold already (YAY!!), so we shall see what the buyers prefer.  I have one more in the honey color.  I couldn't do them all the same as a set because the one below really looked wrong in the blonde wood.  This was my choice and it works so well I think.

This next image is loaded sideways on purpose.  It's SO big and the horizontal version can only go so wide on my blog.  I have to say though, I like it vertical as much as I like it horizontal.  It has a very bold feel, doesn't it?  We tried different frame styles and matting colors.  This one did it for me.  It feels so contemporary, so fresh, and strong.  It was great to see that the two jurors had different takes on this.  One did not like the presentation - she preferred the earthy, subdued pieces.  They other juror LOVED it. 

boldly going where I've never gone before

I got the snowglobes juried for future markets which is awesome.  Both jurors were bubbling over with giggles as they talked to me about them.  : )  Below is a photo of the teenie art I put in the snowglobes.  I sell the globes every December.

Finally, I had my little prairie rugs juried.  They are all postcard sizes or thereabouts.  They are mounted in wood frames that I thought looked like floorboards.  I have made nearly 20 of these over the past couple years.  I'm not a rug hooker, but I do enjoy this craft and want to continue making more prairie art in this form.

It's done!  It's all good.  I enjoyed the discussion so very much.  I am certainly not afraid of this process anymore.  I have an art quilter friend who told me that she gets juried over and over just for the learning experience and feedback.  I think that's smart.  Plus, the deadline got my but in gear to create and complete a lot of great new work.

Thank you to J & G for the jurying session and great feedback.  ; )  If you want to see the SCC page, you can find my profile here.

Now - off to stitch up some work lovelies for Gardenscape!  See you then,


Michele O'Neil Kincaid said...

I absolutely love your piece, "Where Sunlight Falls"! Ever consider bartering with another artist?
Michele O'Neil Kincaid

PrairiePeasant said...

The idea of having work juried just for the learning experience is new to me, but it sounds like if done properly, can be very beneficial. It sounds like your own private show and tell and critique time. Thanks for sharing about the process!

BijouxBaby said...

I love the vertical orientation. It makes it look like a an aerial view of flooded grasslands.

Radka said...

Wow, beautiful work!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

The hues of Bluestem and Sage #1 are gorgeous Monika!

Jo Ferguson said...

Thanks for sharing the process. I found it fascinating and I can see how educational it would be. As always your work is stunning.

Lin said...

Congratulations again! How could anyone fail to like your work. xx

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Your juried pieces are fabulous, so wonderfully creative and beautifully stitched. Where Sunlight Falls is fantastic.

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