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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Gardenscape - WOW

I'm back.  It's late.  I had to upload these photos to show you though.  First of all, WOW - the weather is gorgeous.  I don't recall ever having no wind, no rain, no sleet, no snow - on the set up night.  What a treat.

The entrance to Hall A where the artists are is at the far corner of the the parkinglot (not hall E near the entrance).

There were machines cleaning the floors, people setting up all over the place, and the smell!  The smell of FRESH PLANTS.  !!

Grape Hyacinth


I hung up my things - all artists have their own board.  Mine is third down on the left when you go in from that main entrance.  All the art there - nice.  And a real treat for fibre enthusiasts too!  Felting, Threadpainting, Embroidery...  paintings, photos, and inks.  Really great.

Once I was done and heading out, I had to stop to snap more photos of those flowers.  Check this out...

Then look at the next photo.

Did you see those rows in the case at the back!?  They are cocoons ?  Chrysalises?  haha  I am not sure of the right thing to say.  They are hatching for the butterfly exhibit!

I saw a man with a HUGE butterfly net come out and catch the biggest darn butterfly I have ever seen.  He put it in a slot in a big black box, and then opened the glass case to pick out more newly hatched butterflies by the handfuls, which he added to his black box.  I asked if I could snap a pic and he was more than happy to say yes.  I was nervous and didn't want to get in his way, so I got one blurry photo.  Enjoy.

He was taking the new butterflies into a large walk-through exhibit room for the weekend.  WOW - I cannot wait to see it.  I am bringing my kids tomorrow.  Maybe we'll see you there?


Judy said...

That looks like a great place to explore. I wish that I lived closer so that I could go!

Lin said...

Your work looks great hung - I hope you do well. Absolutely adore your photographs of the flowers, such stunning colours. xx

Seams French said...

Your exhibit looks fantastic. The whole event sounds like a lovely thing to do on an early spring weekend. Wish I could come. Good luck!

Margaret said...

Thanks for the breath of Spring, Monika! Snow is in our forecast again this weekend...through Monday morning!! And yes, your exhibit looks great; I'm sure it will be a wonderful show!

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