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Sunday, 15 December 2013

My Life in December

Hello!  I know I've been away from blogging.  I'm happy to say my home is getting organized, the snow is getting shoveled, and we are nearly ready for the holidays.  Kids will be thrilled.  My oldest loves to illustrate.  He is getting some kind of electronic something or other tablet thingy do do his art on... paperless!  Go figure.  Like, get with the times mom!  : )  My middle child will be the proud new owner of a giant workbench for his leathercrafting.  My youngest... sigh.  ALL she wants is a dog.  We are in the process of adopting one who is past the pee and chew on everything stage.  Wish us luck.

And then they have sixteen days off.  They've been on lock down from recess for a couple weeks now because the windchill is so bad.  The cold has been all the way down to minus 47 degrees celcius.  To give you an idea of what that means, your deep freezer is set between -15 and -20 celcius.  I am not kidding.  Can you image 2 weeks with no outdoor recess!?  Today, after a big snow, everything is warm and the rooftops are dripping.  There are footprints all over the yard once again... a nice sight.  How wonderful to get some fresh air and don rosy cheeks!

me and the girl last winter

We've had some gorgeous sundogs - where a circular prism of light forms a ring around the sun.  I read on a science website that they are extremely rare.  That is totally incorrect.  We see them all the time in the winter.  hmmm. 

I haven't been out to take photos.  The roads are treacherous right now.  While shoveling, it was ambulance siren after ambulance siren.  (Please be careful.)

I headed out a few days ago before it got slippery, and postered a few places.  People are finally beginning to shop so I'm getting the word out.  I am happy to ship for free if any readers who are not in the area are interested in art.  Just message me Monika@MySweetPrairie.ca or call 306 979 3519 if you are at The Centre when the admin office is closed.

@ The Jade Gallery until Dec 28th

There are ten landscapes available of the 12 I put in, and they cover all seasons.  (The one featured on that poster is sold.)  And yes - if you go during mall hours, you can have the administration offices open up the Jade Gallery and let you take one home on the spot.  THANK YOU to my friend Kerrie who left hers up for the duration.

The SK Craft Council has my Postcards, and SaskMade Marketplace on 8th Street has the annual snowglobes for sale.  EACH of these venues offer absolutely wonderful crafts and locally made products.  You know the thing - buy handmade!  Support small business!  : )

In the mean time... back to my motherly duties of writing out cards, wrapping presents, cleaning house, and freezing meals.  New work coming soon!  : )  Thanks for stickin' with me.


HollyM said...

What a sweet picture with your daughter! It's so hard on them to be kept in. I used to teach.
Enjoy your time with your family. They grow so quickly.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Aweeeeeeeeee Monika.....without the pee and chewing; you miss all that growing up!!!! Hahaha. have fun with the puppy...they are adorable and can be a pain. But she will love it!!

Bernie said...

I know you have lots of international readers of your blog so I thought I would take a minute to explain to them that winter in Saskatchewan isn't awful. Every day for the last two weeks I have been outside walking for anywhere from 15 minutes to 45minutes. It really is all about dressing for the current weather conditions which I think is why children are encouraged to stay inside for recess -- because the school can't guarantee that they are dressed for the weather. My children, for 12 years, walked to and from school every day regardless of the weather.
So for what it is worth, that is another perspective on winter in Saskatchewan. One I know that is shared by all the dog walkers --- soon your children will have to go outside every day with that new dog!

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Here here on clarifying winter in all of Canada. We are not all living in igloos and we all must remind our southern family that winter requires planning and this means warm weather!

Well done Monika! Lovely stuff as usual :)

Lin said...

I had no idea what a sundog was but google came up with some amazing photographs, so now I know! I find it fascinating reading blogs that you are at -40 and others are sweltering at +40 Incredible and thank you to the www that we all get such an insight into other peoples lives. xx

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Yes... I love winter and I do not live in an igloo. :)))

Bonnie58 said...

Hey, Monika
Just wanted to let you know we were in the mall the other day so had to stop for a few minutes to check out your art. Absolutely gorgeous. You are amazing. Your work is so three dimensional; I just love it. Thank-you so much for pursuing your dreams...

Christa Marcotte said...

Love your snow globes!! Winter in Saskatchewan is for quilting...we you don't HAVE to be outside!!! Can you tell me the site you use to exchange ATC cards?

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