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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sunday Snapshots

One last day at the beach...

o my gosh.  i love her little toes!  : )

It's the middle of the afternoon in these photos.  The shadows are sooooo long and the beach is littered with leaves.

Pike Lake Provincial Park.  The beach is 15 minutes from the city.

Hot September.  Dry September.  Not a cloud in the sky...

Lady bugs and dragonflies are everywhere!  ; )  I like this little picture.  The shore was so interesting this day.

: )  Have a lovely Sunday.


HollyM said...

How lovely to have such a nice day!
Can you tell me again please which needle you recommended lately for your skies? I'm making a shopping list.
Did you get the DVD yet?

Green Morning said...

What lovely shells you've found!

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