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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Things I Love Thursdays (and an announcement or two...)

I love when things work out.  I love when opportunity knocks right at the moment I think I missed out on something.  Take for instance the day I left Winnipeg with a lot of unsold art.  I stopped in at Wolseley's Tiger Lily Quilts and was offered wall space to hang a few of my pieces for sale.  They are on the route of a highway tour soon, which is terrific!  Great luck there!

After Winnipeg, I had regrets about missing out on The Battleford's Handcraft Show that occurs each July.  (That's in my hometown.)  I didn't think I'd have enough art for it and never bothered to sign up this summer.  Now it's too late.  So - I took my mom's advice.  All her life she said, 'nothing to it but to do it'.  I need an art show... so I guess I should just do it!?

The lake!  Sure, why not?  My mother lives 15 minutes north of The Battleford's and a few people that way have purchased my work or were interested in it.  So we've set a date. 

Sunday, July 7th  
I will be exhibiting my work at my mom's cabin!

SHE is SO excited.  She moved a china cabinet just to free up an entire wall for me to hammer nails into.  She moved it all on her own.  !?  lol  I think this event will be fun and I am really looking forward to it.  I'll put lots of things on display and we'll have some refreshments too.  If you live on or near Jackfish Lake, SK and you're interested in viewing or purchasing, email me at Monika@MySweetPrairie.ca and I can give you more information and directions.  * We've sent a few invites out already.*

Isn't that cool?  So I have one more surprise.  I love surprises!

This Saturday is the Broadway Art Fest 2013.  I missed the deadline to sign up as a vendor.  Well... and I chickened out.  I miss our 'Waterfront' juried member show each June as well because I can't imagine displaying all my art outside...  I chicken out every year.  Every year it either downpours, or there are 50 km/hr winds (minimum).  So in a crappy way, it's a good thing I haven't signed up yet.

As it turns out, I will have my art on Broadway in Saskatoon after all!  A while back, the Saskatchewan Craft Council put a call out for juried items in a particular price range.  Well - wouldn't you know, it just so happens I have a BIG STACK of fibre art cards hot off the sewing table.  lol  They said yes!  So there you go.  Great news that I am very proud of:  My Prairie Postcards are for sale in their new (really new - soon to be launched) SCC Fine Craft Boutique in the back of their Affinity Gallery!  The Saskatchewan Craft Council in Saskatoon will be open during Saturday's Art Fest on Broadway.  That's awesome!  Isn't that awesome?  I think it is.

813 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon

Items in the Boutique were requested in the price range of 20-120$.  They will also have a small selection of some 'high end' pieces for sale as well.  Super cool.  When I dropped off my postcards there, they were changing the gallery exhibit in the front, and preparing to build shelves in the back where their library is.  Busy, busy!  I really look forward to dropping by over the weekend to see how things have shaped up.  (PS. the current Metal craft exhibit in the Affinity Gallery there looks like it will be AMAZING !!)  It's definitely something to check out.

As for the Boutique - I'll keep you posted as to when their grand opening will be.  As far as I know, it will be open for business this weekend.  THANK YOU SCC!

: )
Happy Thursday!
Wherever you are, I hope you are able to get out and enjoy some art.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the sales come because that's what makes the world go round. However, I am selfishly hoping that the crocus one doesn't sell. I want it and am going to work at a weekend job to get it or a different one of your inspiring art. Between that and a professional camera for my husband, it might take quite a few weekends though :(


Fabulous idea, I have been following you ove a year and love your work. I still look at the post card you sent me 'just because"

Giddings Art said...

Having a show at your Mom's cabin is a wonderful idea! I wish we lived closer so we could see your work in person!

Patti said...

All so exciting! Congrats and hope you sell lots!

mysweetprairie @gmail.com said...

Thanks everyone!
Dear anonymous... if there's something you really love, I can hold it - if you are serious. You can email me if you like. monika @mysweetprairie.ca I can take a deposit and can barter it down a bit. I believe in bartering...

: )

The postcards are very affordable and can be framed as art. I plan to make more and put them in my abandoned etsy shop. They look terrific in a little shadowbox - use them as wall art instead of mailers.

all the best,

HollyM said...

Good things happening for you! An art exhibit at a lake cottage sounds wonderful! Wish I could go.
I love the postcards too, especially the #62.they should do well.

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