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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday Snapshots

For the first time ever, I saw these lovely-lovelies in person: Three-flowered Avens.  Bernie said they were out and away I went to snap photos!  I grew up on a farm and at a lake, and 2 things I have NEVER seen are ticks & avens (still have never seen a tick).  !?  I remember always seeing crocuses, but I wonder why not these?

Their nick name is Prairie Smoke.  They are furry and a lovely pastel crimson.  Is that a color?  Well, it is now.

They don't really bloom per se.  They mature and let our huge tufts of fluff.  If you can imagine seeing these dense in a field, you can likely understand why they would call them 'prairie smoke'.

Here's my Avens life cycle hypothesis...

Ah, the Avens are so pretty!  Thank you Bernie!

Prairie Smoke behind the Goats Beard

Aren't names funny!?  Here's some 'pussy toes'...

Then came the rain and I headed back for home, happy.

rain over Bergheim / Aberdeen

Happy Sunday everyone!


Terry Jones said...

I love your prairie vegetation snapshots, Monika. I am interested to see how you will reproduce them.

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Que interessante e bonito! Este seu "olho clinico" para capturar as cenas da natureza é genial! Também estou curiosa para saber como você vai reproduzir esta "fumaça".
"Carrapatos"???? O bichinho???? Deseje que fiquem bem longe de você (risada)!!!!
Um abraço!

What interesting and beautiful! This his "clinical eye" to capture scenes of nature's great! I am also curious to know how you will play this "smoke".
"Ticks"?? The bug?? Wish they are well away from you (laugh)!!
A hug!

PS: Since I can not attend personally, its a lesson I'm trying to make a few points from your post photo of the day June 10. Wish me luck!

PS: Como não posso assistir, pessoalmente, uma aula sua, estou tentando fazer alguns pontos da foto do seu post do dia 10 de junho. Deseje-me sorte!

HollyM said...

Wow, those avens are fascinating and beautiful! I've never heard of them here. Great fodder for your stitching. Of course I'm imagining how you will create them in fiber.
I'm also wondering if you had to get down in those grasses for your photos or do you use a tripod?

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

I have lived on the prairies all my life too...funny how you grow up with these beautiful flowers, and never pay any attention to them!!
p.s. I have never seen a tick either :)

Danih03 said...

Trust me, you aren't missing anything by never seeing little blood sucking ticks. We have them where I live every where:( I'm not sure what an aven is, though, or a crocuses, for that matter.Maybe it's to cold where you live. I know when we have a mild winter, the ticks are horrible the next summer!

Josette Guerin said...

merci elles sont trop belles on dirait du velours biz

Wendy said...

Avens are lovely, but I had to smile at the name, "pussy toes". I have always known them as everlastings or rabbit tobacco. It is actually An organic herb used for tea and other medicinal uses,as well as insect repellent.

Terri said...

Such difference in wild flowers from one part of the continent to another! I've never seen any of the flowers you shot today. Maybe something like the "Pussy Toes".
(Love your blog!)

Grandma Coco said...

Those avens are beautiful. I'd love to see a whole field of them. As for ticks, we live in a place with lots of them (apparently) and I've only ever seen one. On my cat. They are gross, and everyone here is on guard because of the Lyme disease they carry.

Giddings Art said...

I always love your photos! I enjoyed seeing the life cycle of Avens. I've never seen anything like them before. I have seen ticks though...you're not missing a thing!

Bernie said...

I can't believe you have never seen a tick. I have taken a picture of ticks in two stages and am trying to figure out how to upload it here to your comments.

And as an educational aside ... The risk for exposure to the disease is highest in regions where the ticks that transmit Lyme disease are known to be established. These regions are parts of southern and southeastern Quebec, southern and eastern Ontario, southeastern Manitoba, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia as well as much of southern British Columbia. ... this is from the Dept of Public Health. The ticks we have in Saskatchewan are not deer ticks and those are what cause Lyme Disease.

On the note of the Avens - I didn't even know their name until Claire came out and told me. I have admired their beautiful colour every spring and love the bushy look that they turn to (the crocuses also go bushy like that) as they age. I'm glad you enjoyed the trip to our place and that Ron found your camera cover. The view in that last photo is very familiar!

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