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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sunday Snapshots

It's been nothing but rain for the past 24 hrs, and more for the next 48.  June showers bring July flowers!  lol  Wow.  That's just weird.  Here are some pretties for you.

Firewitch Pinks (dianthus)

sweet sign from the Etsy West Winnipeg sale

Busy robin in Gimli, MB

fibre art.  crocheted with yarn  2 winters ago...

The Best Nest  (recognize it!?)  : )  book by P.D. Eastman

Have a sweet Sunday!


Heather Lair said...

The raven's nest is on the steeple of the A-Spire Theatre in Gimli, Manitoba!
Do I win a prize!? :)


HollyM said...

I really love your crocheted nest!
We've had almost nothing but rain lately here too. I keep running out in between to plant or pot something up.
I'd not seen the steeple nest before. Neat.

Patti said...

Finally got my flowers planted in my flower beds...the late spring has put me behind on everything! Love your photos, particularly the best nest!

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