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Monday, 13 May 2013

Sunday Snapshots (on Monday...)

I'm a little late, but I have a great 'excuse'.  After the longest winter of our lives, it's practically summer all of a sudden!  I've been doing loads of yard work and spring cleaning.  The winter wear has been bagged!  As I type this post, we are preparing for our first thunderstorm of spring (and so I am back inside for now).  I am SO ready for a good rainstorm!  Around here, the first big thunder and lightning show happens regularly on my birthday (5/5).  That's when I was in Manitoba - so how awesome that it held off 'till I got back.

My physical surroundings are really in need of serious change.  I just can't stop spring cleaning - mostly because now I have the time to.  My sewing space is calling my name AGAIN.  It's time for some sorting and a brand new inspiration wall.  I've had old pictures and sketches up for so long.  I'm ready for something new.  I'm craving to stitch, but in the mean time I am holding myself back from fibre art in order to tweak my skills at 'domestic art'.  After 4 months of hardcore creating, I must say I have a LOT of catching up to do around the homefront.

Here's the photos as promised - some different views of the prairie.  Enjoy.

this side of Winnipeg - a flooded ditch full of willow

Can you believe these colors!??  

Willow west of Winnipeg

Arriving in Saskatchewan... nearing home, I stopped to photograph an abandoned building in Chamberlain overlooking a valley.

detail of the shingles - lichen and popped nails

how these remain standing as long as they do...

underfoot - the old and the new : )

I looked around some more - I heard the crocuses bloomed while I was away.  Sure enough!

one sweet little bundle just waiting for their photo

Across the highway - beautiful bison grazing.  HUGE creatures.  Silent.  Majestic to behold.

beautiful beasts

I hope you enjoy today's pictures.  This spring is the first real use my new camera has had.  I think I'm going to have a great year ; )


laura lok said...

Great shots. Love bison

Bernie said...

Nice pictures. Looks like a successful (but long) drive back home.
Good luck with the home front - you never really catch up. that's what I find in construction season.

Patti said...

Great pictures! I love the roof with the lichen and popped nails. Sort of how I feel today, lol! Glad you are getting a chance to do some "renewal" in the house too. Always feels good to get that out of the way!

Willit Neverend said...

Wow. At first glance I wasn't sure if that first picture was a photo or one of you thread artworks. I think that says a lot about how good an artist you are.

HollyM said...

You will have such fun with the camera. After your success with your first building, you'll be noticing them everywhere.
We are kind of in between seasons here too with a few blooms and buds.

Anonymous said...

i love seeing your photos - trying to figure out which ones will turn into thread-oaintings, which ones will wait for a while, which ones will end up being subliminal inspiration! enjoy your house-fluffing while the ideas stir themselves around in your brain!

Margaret said...

Drooling over your photos!

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