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Monday, 27 May 2013

Come for Tea and Stitch with Me (once more!)

My friend (former USCAD classmate) Elizabeth Babyn hired me to teach a module on Hand Embroidery during a 6 day fibre art course she's running out of her downtown studio.  It was such a nice day there - thank you Elizabeth!  She has this gorgeous loft all to herself and her art.  I've had invites to come 'play' there, but have never made it over until now.  What a lovely, bright space.  I sort of didn't want to leave!

Chain, Sorbello Knots, Couching, Japanese Ribbon Stitches, French Knot variations.

There was much stitching and many samplers to be had.  We had floss, silk ribbon, and Wonderfil 12 weights, yarn, torn hand dyed sari silk...  it was really nice group of women.  They really experimented a lot with the stitches & fibres.

Experimental Fibre Art group, day 3 of 6

student samplings - lace, merino roving, silks, 12 wt thread.

There were some very interesting effects depending on what people used.

I put this fabric & thread out together and then dared someone to use them.  WOWEE!

Here is Elizabeth in her lovely space.

Elizabeth stitching in her studio

I snooped around for photo oppotunities.  Look what I found!  ; )  I LOVE this. (Evidence that Elizabeth is also a long time painter.)

Her baby.  Well loved.

This is one of my favorite photos.  Look!  One of the students... stitching.  It looks like she's conducting music.  I love this silhouette! 

so graceful and artistic - I love this atmosphere!

I'm really enjoying running this workshop.  I get to do it once more in Winnipeg next weekend and then later in June at Creative House in Saskatoon.  Thank you so much ladies for having me!  It was a very good experience and am feeling artistically re-charged just from being in that studio with you all.  : )

That's what I did with my weekend!  Now I'm back to putting more kits together for the next couple embroidery classes.

Wishing you much creativity today!


Terry Jones said...

Hi Monika, I'm so glad you are continuing to instruct embroidery classes. You are the least stodgy embroiderer I know! I was fortunate enough to take your class in Winnipeg. Terry

Elizabeth Babyn said...

We all enjoyed your workshop and learned some valuable tricks!

laura lok said...

looks like fun.

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