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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Things I Love Thursdays

I love this post!  It's brilliant.  It's true.  It works.  To all the people who say, "How do you get so much done!?  Where do you find the time?" you must read what Madame Samm has to say on the topic.

in my sewing room...

The only thing I would add is to throw in a short nap.  Replace that with your afternoon coffee.  It's much better for you.  : )  You can also throw in a walk outside.  Taking breaks from what you do is not a waste of time ever.



HollyM said...

Ha, ha, I love it. A lt of it rings true for me. I would do a bit more than 23 minutes but truly not much. I've discovered I have a very short attention span. I think I almost work this way only without the timer. I squeeze most of my cleaning in here and there.
I would also add a walk, no nap and an afternoon tea.

elle said...

Timely lol I was thinking the other week that I should try a timer for limiting 'puter time. This will be something to try as I tend to be an all in or all out type and I'm getting frustrated as my time is being gobbled so little increments may be the way to go! Thanks

jojo said...


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