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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday Snapshots

Snow and low sunshine at high noon makes for some beautiful blue winter shadows!  Enjoy...

Notice the white lines in the sky and the blue lines on the snow.  : )))

Super-heavy shadows from the huge trees behind me...  and yes, it is high noon in winter.

We've had an unbelievable amount of snowfall this season.  Below is a photo of the lake, with a hockey rink in the upper left, and the park & cattails at the bottom half.  Or... here is a photo of snow.  You decide.  lol

Enjoy the Family Day Holiday Weekend!  : )  Thank goodness for the warm weather.  We are going to have some fun!  See you soon,


jojo said...

houla que de neige tu habites ou monika biz

mckittycat said...

Is all your stitching done by hand? It is so beautiful.

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