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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Choosing Doozies (Things I Love Thursdays)

This works for Things I Love Thursdays.  I'm sorting through loads of photos to pick out my favorites.  These are what I'm thinking of using as inspiration for what I would like to stitch out next.  The first photo has been on my mind for some time now.  There is SO MUCH to stitch in here.  A lot would be by hand.  This obviously isn't the original photo.  I like to play with the contrast.  Things happen.  Whites and yellows make them self know.  And little bits of blue and purple popped up everywhere that I may not have noticed.  I wouldn't stitch it to look so harsh, but it when I set things like this, it becomes clearer what I need to do to bring it to life.

strange settings give me more to look at and think about before stitching

There's something about the light in this next one that I find so alluring.  I took it up on high overlooking the riverbank.  The sun was so low in the west, that if you look you can see the top of the post is in the shadow.  Even some of the branches are lit up from underneath.  I think it tells ain intriguing story.  Plus, I love to stitch fences and wire.  The Wolf Willow leaves would all be done by hand.  I have JUST the ribbon for it.

I had already made a mini piece inspired by the next photo.  It's so lush.  I plan to make a larger version of it.

the redwinged blackbird will likely be stitched into the right side to balance with the trees in the left.

This next one... those trees at the turnaround on Grasswood Road.  I have stitched them in autumn as winter approaches.  I have stitched them in the spring after a spring storm.  Now I have this one in winter.  I like the cattails all puffed out in it.  I need to try this one.  I like the mood of it.

I really want to do a lot of winter scenes, but then I wonder if that would be a big turn off for a show in May.  ?  This one - I just have to work out this one!  It had a mood to it too that I would like to stitch.  It was a bitter minus 30 celcius, but the scene is so warm and soft.

Then there are all the photos I took at Beaver Creek in the fall.  This one is a DOOZIE - there is so much in it.  Maybe it's too much?  Maybe I'll use parts of it.

It's pretty lush isn't it?  The next one is a close up I adore.  I just wonder if I do a shot like this without sky, it may appear more abstract.  What do you think?  I could do a whole series of grasses like this.  Dreaming...  ; )))

Is it just me?  Does that last photo just make you sigh?  It's so quiet and peaceful.  I can just imagine every piece in the foreground handstitched...  love love love.

Happy Thursday!  Here I go...


Kit Lang said...

I love the bird on the fence and the two winter scenes best (especially the first one); but you've gotta do what sings to you - and trust that the buyers will buy what's beautiful. :)

Threadpainter said...

For me the first winter scene and the last photo are the 2 most obvious 'Monika' pieces ... they're all great resource material !
Do you have a 'view finder' ? I'll post a pic on my blog of one ... really easy to make (mine is ages old) and very helpful when searching a photo for a 'good' spot to start a new piece.
I have found that many people are 'winter' art lovers and will buy what they love, no matter the season !

Dahn said...

You have such an 'artists eye'. I love all of these pictures, but my favorite has to be the one with the red barn.

And I was jazzed up by reading your enthusiastic descriptions. Such passion--I love it! You go girl..

HollyM said...

Yes, I love the last photo with the orange colors. They all appeal to me. I love the one with the crow and the barn, but the trees with the fluffy bulrushes really gets me. Even the one that you think has too much going on could be simplified.
Can't wait to see it all!

Yvette Niesel said...

Hi Monika, Can you tell me how much these sell for and if you'll ship out of the country? Thanks so much!

regina lucia said...

Oi Monika
Sou brasileira, sou artesã também e estou apreciando os seus trabalhos, são lindos. Parabéns!
Regina Cochito

Wendy Ouellette said...

Oh my...I love the winter scene with the red barn. It almost glows. I can hardly wait to see that one in fabric.

CallingForth said...

Absolutely wonderful photos and so very inspirational. I understand those days when you get out the photos to see what will be your 'next' creation. You are very ambitions - may you have many wonderfully creative days as you move through this coming year.

Ellie said...

Oh Monika I LOVE all of these pictures - they would all make lovely pieces. :))

dulcy said...

I love what you do! I rug hook, and am currently doing very small pictorial pieces.... and have just finished one with snow. Enjoy getting in that bit of sparkle with the wool. I especially like your shot of the red barn among the blues of the snow. Gorgeous!


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