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Friday, 7 December 2012

Friday Finishes - minis

I put together some mini threadpaintings of a couple of my favorite pieces.  One is of Cranberry Flats in September.  I plan to fill empty spots on the gallery wall with these...

Cranberry Flats mini  3.5 x 3.5" framed without glass

And one is from 2011.  The first larger piece was called 'Cattails at Sunset'.

Cattails at Sunset 2, 2012  3.5x3.5"

VERY BIG SIGH.  Would you believe my new camera jumped right out of my arms and did a face plant on concrete driveway!?  :(((  I'm not posting a lot here until I get it replaced.  I'm having trouble getting it to focus properly on macro mode.  These photos will have to do for now.  Those boxing day sales cannot come fast enough. 

The good news is that all my snowglobes sold out locally and I just delivered a half dozen more.

A Very Merry My Sweet Prairie 2012 @ SaskMade Marketplace, Saskatoon

'Home from the Lake' is now sold from the gallery (whoopee!), and I have a new commission for another winter piece.  That is all very happy news.

Home from the Lake, 2012 7x9" framed & matted (sold)

I'm not sure if I mentioned it on the blog, but I called the gallery and had them reduced all my prices by $100 per piece.  Merry Christmas!  If you want to see what's available, you can click on the FIBRE ART tab at the top of this page.  You can scroll to the bottom to see the newest threadpaintings.  I'm not sure if all of them are there.  If you have questions, just ask.  : )

hmmm... I wonder if they make cameras that bounce?

Have a good weekend everyone.  


elle said...

oh! NO.

HollyM said...

Congrats on all your sales, Monika! I love the minis!
I hate it when someone does the lecture thing, so don't take this as such! I've gotten so clumsy with arthritic fingers that I'm in the habit of always putting the camera strap around my neck or my wrist, depending on the camera, before I take any pictures.

HollyM said...

And I checked out all your fibre art. What a huge accomplishment! Someday I'd love to be able afford one!
In the rug series, I really like the presentation of prairie rug #10.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

I love all your work, no wonder so much has sold.

Dahn said...

Ack! A broken camera is almost as bad as a broken sewing machine, isn't it?!

Loves seeing cranberry flats--had not realized how little this guy is! Adorable. And cattails is so pretty--just love the hand work on it...

Monika Kinner Whalen, Fibre / Embroidery Artist said...

Oh I know.. sad sad. It's always tied onto my wrist. I'm very anal about that. This one time, it slid out of my purse as I had an armload of things being loaded from the van to the house. :(((

I can't stop pouting. lol


LynCC said...

Cranberry Flats is so amazing - I *think* it's my favorite, but lots of your pieces are my favorite. ;D

felicity said...

Yikes! What a pain about your camera! (But your work is so lovely, Monika. And thanks for linking up!)

Anonymous said...

my oldest son has started working at saskmade marketplace - and was very happy to sell those snowglobes! he was sorry to have missed meeting you though. your work is so beautiful that i don't think much 'salesmanship' was required!

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