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Monday, 12 November 2012

* * * Housekeeping * * *

Help me out prairie people!  I would like to start a mailing list.  I haven't kept one because I dislike the idea of 'junkmail'.  However, since people in and around the province and the city of Saskatoon have expressed to me that they miss occasional shows or events, I've decided to start one.

If you would like to be on my mail list, here's what you do...

That's all!  : )

I would never spam you, and will send all announcements 'blind carbon copy' so the rest of the list can't access your email.  Sound good?  I'll still post what I'm up to here on my blog.  If you sign up for emails here at the top of my blog, you'll get every blog post I publish into your inbox automatically.  * * * This is different than being on MY mail list for event notices.  * * * 

My mail list will be for direct information about exhibits and events.

Finally, you know you can find me on the My Sweet Prairie facebook page.  All blog posts go there automatically, and I occasionally post extra photos along with weather updates.  My personal facebook page under my name is strictly for family & close friends, so if you want to find Monika the Embroidery Artist on facebook, go to the My Sweet Prairie page.  (linked for your convenience)

Thank you so much to everyone for all your enthusiasm.  I really enjoy your visits and comments so much.  You totally energize me and keep me excited to stitch more.



HollyM said...

I've just been working on my little chickadee. Yesterday, I fed them on the trail.
That one looks like it has a band on its leg. Don't you just love feeding them?

LynCC said...

oh, wow! I would be thrilled if I could get our little bird, squirrel, or bunny visitors to eat right out of my hand. :)

Bernie said...

My cousin reminded me today that she wants to take the threadpainting class at my house. Can we set that up for the new year?
Yes to your mail list - I was just thinkign about that upcomign show and thought I shoudl write down teh details but if you email me notices that woudl be great.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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