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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Photographing Your Work

I try to take focused, well lit photos of my work.  However, I'm not aware of all the variables when it comes to professional photography because - simply put - I am not a professional photographer.  I read the manual for my sewing machine, but not for my camera.  I decided that enough is enough.  Photos are getting SO good out there.  How can I do the same when it comes to photographing product or craft or art?  I really suck at reading books end to end.  I get bored with too many words.  So I went to trusty ol' Youtube.  After all, I learned how to do basic crochet that way in five minutes!  Surely someone can give me professional direction in photography as well.  Sure enough - I watched one video and tada!  I was able to take a much better photo of my work.

After the Storm, 2012 (sold) 4x6" framed

Most of the things I knew about lighting and angle, but the ISO and timer made all the difference for me.  You can watch his video too, right here.  Get a pencil & paper first!  He's my kind of teacher.  Direct - to the point.  No fuss, no fluff.  Just tell me how and let me do my thing.  I want to properly catalogue my work.  Thank you sir.

P.S. if you have tips for me that were not mentioned in the short video, I would love to hear them!


elle said...

You are right. I need to do some practical fiddling and this video was helpful. Whoa, he talks fast, though! lol

Donna said...

Check quilting Arts, oct-nov 2012, page 48. Article states the basic points of photographing artwork.

KQ said...

He pretty much nails all the points you need to know. I especially like the cloudy daylight tip, works the best for accurate colour in your photos.

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