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Friday, 19 October 2012

Home from the Lake

I know.  There was no Things I Love Thursdays post this week.  Yesterday was cold and windy and rainy and dark, and my littlest and I were up so much on Wednesday from the stormy winds in the night.  Things were rolling around on the deck and banging into the house.  It took all of Thursday to recover - which included two naps.  I even kept her home from school to catch up on sleep.

So...  Thursday - I was exhausted and didn't have the heart to lie to you and blog about fluffy happy things because I did not feel fluffy nor happy.  lol

I continued to sew.  Things began to look up.  I nearly completed another new piece.  This one is based on a photo I took from the truck window while our family headed home after our last day at Pike Lake.

in progress for my December exhibit:  Home from the Lake

The sun was getting low and every west-facing slope of the ground was lit up.  It was so pretty.   This scene brings back many happy memories... not only from that day, but from every summer that ever ended.  The blooms in the front are wild mustard.

wild mustard

Late Thursday also brought a delivery!  I forgot I had ordered a couple second hand books online.  I love to read the words of both of these men.  They are so heartwarming.  Their paintings and photographs are so nostalgic for me.  It was just what I needed - some soul inspiration.

Books by the late Courtney Milne (signed by the author), and the work of Allen Sapp.

I loved reading through these.  They are like blogs.  There are lots of photos, and little blurbs from each man describing the scenes and the situations.  Heartwarming.

To top it all off, I got a badly needed therapeutic massage for my sore arms & shoulders this morning (thank you Joyce!!!).  I then spent a quiet afternoon stitching with Margot.  I feel pretty blessed to be doing that.  She loves to share what she learned from Jan Beaney.  I delight in seeing Margot's work up close and personal.  Oh my.  Oh my.  I was embarrassed to show her my thread art!  She sent me home with a bag of yummies too -  a luscious assortment of yarns and fibres.  So for today, I have Things I Love - many.

Now the dark sky is clearing to let the low sun shine through through my house.  FINALLY!  : )  The rain is done.  I'm linking to Friday Felicities : )  See you soon!


B J Elder said...

Sounds like you have had some lovely times -- creating another fabulous piece, time with a fellow artist, and receiving of wonderful books and materials.

Anonymous said...

isn't it grand how a grey and drear day can turn around and become a light-bearing gem of a day? all it takes is time and a little work on something you love...and a nap or two!
beautiful work, btw, as always!

felicity said...

Lots of felicities here - thanks for linking up, Monika! I appreciate your progress posts so much.

Juanita said...

I am so in love with your work! Your stitching brings the viewer right into those fields.

Threadpainter said...

Another gorgeous piece Monika !
The sun is trying to stay out today but our week was similar to yours.
Know exactly what you mean by the light from a setting sun ... I love the long shadows that are thrown !

Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

i just love the stitching on your piece,

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