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Monday, 23 July 2012


Summer is nearly half over.   ~shudder~   Before you know it, September will be here.  I'm putting things together for the Showcase of the Arts which is the first week of August here in Saskatoon.  Creative House will be having a booth there and they've asked for their teachers to supply class samples.  I got a little bit done last night.  I think it will be a mug rug.  I really can't stand that name though.  lol  It's as ugly as the word "blog", don't you think?  BLOG.  ick.  Mug-rug on a blog.  ick ick.  So, I'll call it a Coffee Cup Coaster.

Rachel's scraps and some Tutti Wonderfil thread.

Here's a list of classes I'm offering with the corresponding dates.  I picked the Mondays that alternate with our Saskatoon Quilter's Guild meetings so that there's no overlap.  I'll also do some classes at the Studio on 9th in the evenings, and I'm getting booked for some private Sunday afternoon classes as well.  I'll post those once I know.

At Creative House, Fall 2012

Monday September 17 - Creative Quilted Postcards Workshop

Monday October 1 - Free Motion Quilting Skill Builder

Monday October 29 - Teens / Homeschoolers Doodle with you Sewing Machine

Monday Tuesday November 13 - Basic Threadwork / Threadpainting 101 (Rescheduled for stat holiday)

Monday November 19 - Dresdens Workshop

* * * You can read all the details of the classes HERE.  * * *

All of my classes are Monday mornings at 10 am and run for 2.5 to 3 hours, with the exception of November 12th.  Sign up is through Creative House by phoning 652-0455.  They have classes running all the time on so many topics, so check them all out! : )


greelyrita said...

I laughed out loud!! I do "ick" too. That's not why I laughed though. It was about your feeling about those words. When I named my children, I got it into my head that I didn't like the sound of "a" as in "hat". Could have had something to do with my SIL's choices: Adam and Hannah. We were not getting along. Also, I wanted them to sound ok when my parents said their names with a German accent.

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

maybe Coffee Break Quilt? Hahaha!
And ....oh,oh, oh....I might just have to take your dresden class!! I keep talking about trying those, and that would get me started !!! Is there a date set?

greelyrita said...

Another thing: I'm being inundated with emails from Craftsy. I'm glad you didn't decide to do that. It's like it's turning into the McD's of classes, you know? That's ick too.

Sheila said...

I laughed at this post too , I have to agree I don't like the sound of mug rug , kind of a dumb name for them but they are rather cute. Wish I was close enough to take a class .

CitricSugar said...

I've always preferred "weblog". And mug rug bugs me too. How about "teacup buffer"? Lol.

Thanks for the heads-up on the class schedule. I think Flo has talked me into joining the guild this year, too, so I've got some planning to do. Haha.

Monika Kinner Whalen, Fibre / Embroidery Artist said...


Seriously! lol

Threadpainter said...

Blog ... why do people get all huffy and superior when you mention you have a 'blog' ? Have you been 'judged' yet ? I've experienced this from some fellow stitchers ... one has even said 'I'd rather do art and pay someone else to do my website' ... as if it were beneath her ... I don't get that attitude but, in my opinion, being able to put yourself out there on the internet under your own steam is an 'art' !
I do love citricsugar's 'weblog !

Oh yeah ... mug rug is icky ! I guess 'coaster' is passe ;) ... cup bearer ? ... lol.

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