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Friday, 15 June 2012

Too Sweet For Words

Karen Neary... you are too sweet for words!  THANK YOU for sending me the CD from the National Juried Show.   (Look what she sent me!)

NJS Quilt Canada Show CD

I also got that show pin in the mail from her today too in a separate package!!  Wow.  That was totally unexpected!  It's already been added to my guild badge. Wouldn't you know it?  My dress just arrived home from Halifax today as well.  It's a wrap!

THANK YOU KAREN - for everything.  You are the BEES KNEES - sweet as honey.  ; )


Karen said...

Funny (clever) post, Monika. So cool to connect our voices via (old fashioned) phone lines. My admiration for you and your work has grown exponentially from this experience.
I have front row tickets to see where you go next girl.
My best to you,

fabriquefantastique said...

Monika...you are a Canadian star ....

Lorraine Khachatourians said...

Congratulations Monika on all that you have been doing this year - amazing! Your 'bees' knees' made me think of a photo I just took. Do you have these giant bees in your yard too? Here are some knees just for you.

Jackie said...

You have no idea how sweet Karen is... we sold out of those pins by Saturday afternoon.... and people were so upset when they came to purchase one! Cause they really are stinkin' cute! Got my quilts last Friday, so happy to have them home... read your Craftsy post... good for you! I hear you with the kid thing, totally... and sounds like you have tons of things going on locally for you... that is simply wonderful!!!
I will be able to say, 'I knew her when'

Grandma Coco said...

Karen is a lovely lady and we are both (you and me) lucky to call her our friend. (Of course, you're a sweetie, too, Monika!)

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