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Monday, 7 May 2012

Tag! You're it.

At Postcard Cottage, I signed up for the "Tag! You're it" swap.  I love the swaps.  You make three and you get three.  Working with themes on a time limit is such a fantastic way to spur your creativity.  I spent a half hour in the laundry room with scissors, removing tags from my family's clothing.  It became more and more interesting as I found tags I had never seen before.  There's always the ones that say "keep away from fire" (!?) and there's the ones that have the strangest synthetic names in the materials.  lol

a bucket of tags

My first idea was to make a patchwork quilt card.  I love all the interesting text.  It reminds me of graffiti.

recycled tags become art to mail!
I like the lime green stitching in this one.  I even stuck a tag on the back of it.  : )

I made a third card and decided to free motion quilt it.  The thickness of the tag layers made it a huge disaster.  So... it's garbage.  (Note to self not to try that again!)  I had a cool idea to make a card that would be one giant tag.  I planned that it would be white, and that I would embroider the washing care symbols onto it like in the top right corner of card #1.

That certainly would have been a great card!  Four cleaning symbols on one white card?  But I didn't.  I fused white fabric onto the next surface and got a totally different idea, and I think it's so funny!  It's like the hem of a big white nightgown, but with the teeniest tag on the bottom.  lol

Hehehe.  I love this one best.  : )  It makes me smile.  Unfortunately, it seems that the swap didn't fill, so I have an extra card with no home.  Tag! You're it!  If you would like to swap directly with me 1 for 1, shoot me an email and we'll arrange to swap addresses.  : )


Christie DescribeHappy said...

Your experimenting and playfulness make me smile! And I just noticed the little tag on the last one, so cute!!

Annette said...

love the post cards ... such cleave ideas.
if you are still looking for someone to swap with I'm game I can see what type of post card I can come up with
in stitches

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