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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday Snapshots

Taken two nights ago...  Enjoy!

Yeah, I know that was a little crooked.  That's what you get when you're parked by a ditch leaning one way, and the clouds are slanted the other way, and the kids are jumping around in the back seat.  lol

Is it just me, or does everyone remember playing Duck, Duck, Goose in school?

The field was full of Canada Geese and duck families for as far as I could see.

It's like you could just reach up and grab a handful of cloud.

Check this out...  !????  SOMEONE didn't sleep last night when they arrived at their new home.  GOOD GOSH it's lucky it landed in the ditch and not through the windshield of another vehicle!  SHEESH! 

Double mattress & box spring. 

Happy Sunday everyone! : )


Anonymous said...

morning monika! on my way back from humboldt on wednesday i was confused to see a field full of what appeared to be snow! confusion remedied when i realized the field was full of snow geese! what a gorgeous land we live in!
enjoy the rainy sunday!

JillsyGirl Studio said...

stunning landscapes!! you live in a beautiful part of the world!

Heather Lair said...

Beautiful pictures, Monika!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

....or maybe they were planning to sleep in the ditch to watch the super moon....in the rain LOL

Judy Wood said...

Lots of waterfowl out there this year! And the mattress and boxspring have been there for the better part of week--unless this is a different location than my regular route to the stables. Add in the large couch that was ditched on the side of the road closer to the barn and someone would have a good start on furnishing their place!!

Patti said...

Fabulous pictures Monika! Maybe the couch and mattress are for the geese and ducks? ;P

Fabricio K. Ramos said...

Uma sequencia linda e muito bem retratada. Adorei o tom da foto dos gansos e patos. Ficou linda.

Lisa Jeanie said...

I am so glad I joined your blog. Your art is lovely, Sunday snapshots are something to look forward to, and fabulous dress in mag btw. You make me want to visit your area and soak in the nature. Maybe someday soon
I will be a tourist in/near your town.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Must be wonderful to look out on fields with wild ducks in them. Lovely skies too.

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