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Thursday, 5 April 2012


Sorry I'm late - missed WIP Wednesday and the Thursday post too.  I'm still 'coming down' from surviving March.  * * * What a fantastic point in my life.  * * *   Wow.  This morning I had a visit with a lovely woman who came over to pick up her art.  Look what she made me!  Just because?  omg  It's a flying geese knitted shawl in alpaca prairie sky blues.  I love this!

Thank you thank you M!  It's so pretty and crazy-warm!

This is the second thing anyone has ever knitted me.  I'm floored!  (I still have my little mint green scarf from when I was really small.)  What a treat.  I feel so fortunate.  Thank you again M.  : )

Then 2 of my blog pals mailed me some of their extra embroidery floss.  One pack came last week.  (sorry no photos!)  Another came today.  I feel like it's Christmas or something!

There are no 2 colors alike!!  THANK YOU J and B (J's stash shown here only)

Last night I spoke to the Bridge City NeedleArts Guild.  When we were done, a friend slipped this into my container as I packed up to go!

Silk ribbons, linen and silk cloth pieces.  WOW.  Thank you P.

A little birdie told me that she has some hand dyed sky fabric coming my way as well.  My goodness.  Thank you so very much - you know that all of these goodies will be used and thoroughly enjoyed.  I love them all (though I'm not sure what I did to deserve all this!)

My plan now is to take a week off with my kids and eventually organize my taxes, my sewing room, my desktop, my ideas, my house, our wardrobes, and plan a birthday party too.  If you don't see me for a while, you know what's up.  : )  See you all soon!

...feeling like one lucky duck today!
quack quack


Karen said...

Those are wonderful gifts, but the silk fabric was obviously meant for me - hand it over!

Margaret said...

Have a great week and a blessed Easter, Monika.

P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, that was red work you saw, and no, not a Canada Day Quilt but stay tuned... :-)

Anonymous said...

Big Sis Says: What a lucky duck! Happy Easter to you and yours... quack! quack!

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