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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Things I Love Thursdays

I love details.

The Buffalo Jump, 2011 (detail of lichen rocks & grasses in November)

I love the colors that inspire me!

Spring Greens, 2012 (detail)

I love each season.  I love to stitch them.

Spring Greens, 2012 (detail)

I love finding beauty in unexpected places.

Wolf Willow & Prairie Lilies II, 2012 (commission detail)

Most of all, I LOVE what I do!

Happy Thursday Everyone!


Linda Coleman said...

Things I love Thursday are your awe-inspiring photos and your stitched work which I would never be able to accomplish in a million Thursdays. Please keep giving such pleasure.

HollyM said...

I love finding beauty in the little hidden bits of nature too.

Elsa said...

You do such lovely work, very inspiring!

Red Heads said...

Monika, I am one of many people who think your work is just beautiful. You have such a GREAT talent. It is a true joy to view your blog. Blessings: Dianne.

Faith said...

I love what you do, too!

Sharon said...

I love your work! Thanks for linking up!! :)

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