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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday Snapshots

: )

A couple of days ago...

Here is our front yard today!

And here is our back yard.  : )

Believe it or not, everyone managed to drive through knee-deep snow to get to the postcards workshops today.  What fun - and what a wonderful bunch of creative women!  : )  I picked the theme of Valentine's Day, and look at all the lovelies they came up with!

Happy Sunday Snowday!  ; )


Judee said...

Those are great postcards. I especially like the vase of hearts.

Bernie said...

I believe I recongize the carpet of your classroom. Any repeat customers? Nice theme - red on a snow day!

Bee said...

That's some snow!!! I love the postcards! They are all wonderful!

Peg said...

Wow and I thought we got a lot of snow - and wow, love those postcards!

Linda A. Miller said...

Wonderful postcards! Great snow photos, too!

karen said...

snow!!!! Yipee!!!

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