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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Now a 'Card Carrying Member'

Gee,  I forgot to tell you!  Last week, I officially became a card-carrying-member of the Bridge City NeedleArts Guild and the EAC (Embroiderers' Association of Canada).  Check out this page on the Artists' Trading Cards!  They look a lot like the postcards I love making, but these are the size of a playing cards.

I met these bold ladies over the summer at their open stitch nights.  I say bold because I had barely become involved with the group when they officially decided that I was to be a guest speaker this spring.  lol  I found out by accident while attending one of their business meetings as a guest last fall.  I sat there that night as they voted to accept the motion to have Monika be a guest speaker.  I had a good laugh at that one!  I looked over to one of the members and whispered, "oh gosh I thought when they said Monika, they meant me!"  And she laughed, "yes - it is you.  We just haven't told you yet."  I was so embarrassed!  lol  So I attended a couple more meetings and decided I like them.  They've taught me a lot already.  I LOVE their work.  Oh how I love their work!  I saw stumpwork and bobbin lace and silk ribbon and pulled thread and ... sigh.  I want to learn it all!  I also really love the selection of books they bring each meeting.  I took one home that's all on the work of  Dutch/Australian Annemeike Mein.  Look her up.  Be prepared to be awestruck!!  Her work is gigantic.  I also found out about Canadian 'needlepainter' Tanya Berlin.  She does her threadpaintings all by hand.  WOW.  Head spinning.  Needle and thread knows no bounds!  So much to learn.  : )


MyNorth said...

So, how did it go as a guest speaker?

My Sweet Prairie said...

I'm booked for the April meeting. ; )

Vicki said...

I am a big Annemieke mien fan and have been for many, many years. Lonf before I took up thread painting myself. Obviously, I have seen much of her work up close, being here in Australia. She is quite elderly, now, but extremely well respected in her community and has a permanent display at her regional gallery. I think she is one of the reasons I have found thread painting so wonderful. The book is gorgeous, isn't it?

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