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Monday, 23 January 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

What perfect timing!  I just checked the mailbox, and there was a card from the "Year of the Dragon" swap!

4x6 postcard from Cheryl Coville

Woohoo!  It even matches my outfit.  hehe  Thank you Cheryl!  I love it!  Here's a couple of cards that I made for the swap.  They are in the mail today!  It's a baby dragon about to hatch.  I tired to make them cute, but I worry it looks a bit spooky.  lol

I'm looking forward to the other cards I'll be getting soon.  : )  You can see Becky's here.
Happy Year of the Dragon!


HollyM said...

The dragon with the pink fore is sweet as are both of yours. It looks like a fun swap.

Leanne said...

The postcards are beautiful but that bobin around your neck is so cute!

paristex said...

I love them all and I love your necklace too!

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