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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

What I'm Working On

Did you really think that just because I put up a show would mean that I'd be taking a break?  Not me. I pulled out those scrap bags that someone left 'free to a good home' at Periwinkle Quilting, and my began making postcards.  I'm in a "Scrap Happy" swap where anything goes.  Many of these strips are only a half of a centimeter wide, so I'm talking serious scraps here.  ; )  I decided to stitch down the end of a whole bunch of strips in order to attach them to one edge of the postcard base.  From there, I began to weave some in!

warp and weft, then quilt, then mail.

I just kept going until the whole thing was woven over & under.  And then I made another.  And then I made another.  And then I made another...  You get the idea.

Aren't they pretty!?  They are all pressed & partially fused onto that stabilizer (it comes with fusible on it).  I will trim all the loose threads and then do some stitching.  My daughter who is 5 joined in on the fun.  She's afraid to mail them though.  She thinks they won't come back.

Arwen's postcards.

I'll post more photos once the stitching is all done on them.  It will give them a real pretty finish.  Now we have some extra holiday cards to send out to family! ; )

fun, festive, scrappy postcards in progress

In case you are just dropping in on Wednesdays, please go look at my last post to see what else I have done! ; )  My show is up!  I am so completely overwhelmed with the wonderful emails that have been coming in from people who have seen my work for the first time.  I spent some time on Monday phoning up people who had purchased my work last year to let them know that I have new work available.  Almost all of them said, "I know!  I've already been to see it!", or "Yeah, we went with a group of people to see it!".  Wow!  I only put the show up the day before.  I am flabbergasted, and really thankful.  I was at the Centre Mall last night with my oldest boy and had to laugh at all the hand prints and noseprints all over the glass of the Jade Gallery!  lol 

NEXT Wednesday, I will have my left wrist all stitched up.  Monday is my Carpal Tunnel Release.  I can't wait to be pain free!  Crochet hooks and long sleep-filled nights, here I come!

I'm linking up to The Needle & Thread Network.  We had twenty bloggers sign up last week!  Let's see if we can beat that this week.  Happy December everyone!  Also linking to Esther's Blog! ; )   


Annette said...

looks like some one is having fun playing with those scraps ..... it's a good thing to have a little play time.

Good luck with your carpal tunnel on monday

Wendy said...

So cute! What a lucky recipient to get one of your cards :)

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

very creative!! And what a great use of those little scraps!

Mary-Frances said...

Great idea for those really small scraps. I've been saving mine to make paper with....someday! Congrats on your show - that's so awesome!

elle said...

She's right! They won't come back! Luv that first colour combo.

I'm Myra said...

Oh what fun! Especially with a little set of hands to help! 8-)

Sheila said...

The postcards are just too cute , your daughter obviously has some of her mothers talent :-)

M-R said...

Oh, I LOVE those postcards. I have a ton of mug rugs to do for office Christmas gifts so I just might steal your idea. Love it! Good luck with the surgery, Monika and congrats on your show!

Ellen said...

Such a great way to use up those scraps - it's great that your daughter made some too.

Peg said...

What a great idea!

Esther said...

What fabulous postcards! AND a great use of fabric. I would love to recieve any of these, they all look great.

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