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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Things I Love Thursdays

I try to keep my blog positive so that it can be inspirational.  I want to thank everyone for the out pour of support around my surgery, as well as my big chicken surgery-failure story.  In the days before the appointment, it turns out that some lovely things were sent via Canada Post to my house.  They just arrived.  They were well received my me, as I was feeling like complete crap after returning home from the hospital.  I got a little care package from my friend Heather Lair in Manitoba.  She's been a great support to me in so many ways, though we have never met in person.  Heather, I love your work, and I love the patch you sent me!  I saw them on your facebook page and this red sky patch was my absolute favorite.  I LOVE IT!

I love that red!

Isn't that PRETTY!?  She also sent me stickers and a printed postcard with images of her gorgeous art quilts (link in color)  Heather, thank you so much for your kindness!

Remember how I said I love giraffes?  Well this knocked my socks off!  I got a postcard from my cyber-blogger-friend Cheryl a.k.a Grandma Coco, all the way from Ontario.  She made me a giraffe.  She happens to knit too, and she stitched one of her home made scarves onto it's neck!  Sweet.  Cheryl - thank you so very much!  (Can I still keep it though I didn't get my hands done yet?)

I love those eyelashes!  ; )

There are many, many more lovely messages that came via email from lots of wonderful people which I find equally as fabulous.  And so, this Thursday, I love all of your kindness! : ) 

Have a great day,


Anonymous said...

isn't the fibre art world a wonderful place? it's populated with such kind, caring and talented people!
cheers my dear!

My Sweet Prairie said...

I suppose I can say, 'I've never met a fibre artist I didn't like' : )

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