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Friday, 2 December 2011

Sponsor Giveaway

First off, thanks everyone for your supportive words around the carpal tunnel surgery I'll be getting soon.  Bernie is a nurse and has assured me that the procedure is only a few minutes.  I can do that. 

Secondly, thanks so much to those of you who joined in on the charity quilt auction!  The child sized quilt has been sold to the highest bidder - $200!!  All of that money will be used to purchase Plan Canada's Gifts of Hope.  It was an easy thing to do, and I want to encourage other quilters with blogs to do the same thing.

And now, the fine folks at Lapel Stick just informed me that they will give away their product to 2 of my blog readers!

They even offered to do the mailing themselves so that the winners hopefully get it before the holidays.  We can't make any firm promises when it comes to the mail, so let's do this quick!

Here's the rules:

* Enter by leaving a comment.  I need to be able to find you, so hopefully you can leave an email if you are 'anonymous'.

* You get ONE entry just because, by leaving a comment below.

* You get a SECOND entry if you become a follower at our Canadian link-party blog.  You can find it HERE Leave a comment here below to say that you are following that blog.  It features WIP Wednesday posts from creative fibre-related bloggers/artists/crafters all over Canada specifically.  Yes - I'm totally using this opportunity to push our membership to 100 so that we can start Feature Fridays and really show off the talent there. : )

* Contest closes Sunday, December 4th at 6 pm-ish, so that I can get the winners' addresses off to Lapel Stick for mail-out ASAP.

'What the heck is Lapel Stick?' you might be asking.  You can read about it HERE.  I use it all the time for sticking fabric down when I do my art or quilted postcards.  They also supply me with samples when I run the postcard classes.  Unfortunately, shipping this product costs about four times the cost of the fabric glue itself, so I think this is very helpful of them to mail directly. 


Let the games begin! ; )


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

can't pass it up Monika....great product..thank you.

Sheila said...

I'd love to win this product Monika , I have purchased one after reading your posts about how great it is and I do love it. Thanks.

Sheila said...

I am a follower of The Needle and Thread Network :-)

elle said...

I'm following the site and I want to try this product.

elle said...

And just sew you know that I REALLY want to try this lapel stick, here I am again!

Wendy said...

Would like to try your lapel stick!

Wendy said...

And I also subscribe to your Linky via RSS.

Becky said...

I've been eager to try this out! Thanks for posting, as I may buy a stick even if I don't win. You use it instead of fusibles right? Congrats on the charity quilt!!

Becky said...

I'm now a follower of the linky party too ;-)

Liz Renner said...

I'd love to try this product... funny, I just ran across it the other day and was wondering what it was. Either way, win or lose, I'm going to try it. Thanks!

gill said...

I'd love to try a lapel stick!

Karen said...

This is a good way to try new product - thanks to both you and Lapel Stick for the opportunity.

Lori said...

this looks like an awesome product! I would love to win! thanks for the chance.
I do follow your blog and I love your work. keep it up!

ann said...

I would love to get my hands on a tube of lapel stick. I can't find anywhere here in Ontario. I love your work Monika. My mom was born, and grew up in, Yorkton and your work reminds me so much of her early photos and our trips to visit relatives

Judee said...

Sign me up! I would love to try this product.

Linda Coleman said...

stick my name in the draw, we can't get lapel stick here

darcey said...

Hey, I'm in! Anything to do with postcards is something I'm interested in. Merry Christmas.

darcey said...

...and I'm a follower of the Needle and thread network, too.

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