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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Last Week of the Year!

I can hardly believe 2011 is nearly done.  This has been one astounding year.  This week is pretty quiet in my sewing studio, but things are steadily happening.  I'm taking my "A Prairie Dress" along with the shoes and delivering it to the Saskatchewan Craft Council.  THAT is exciting.  The Seeds exhibit begins soon into the new year.  (You can click on the info in the heading at the top of this blog for more details.)  I can't wait to be part of a curated gallery show!

I also decided I couldn't stand it anymore and had to bring home some of this...  fabric!  It will be a charm quilt.  I considered some other patterns, but when I look at the pretty country fabrics, I think a simple charm blanket is just right.  I have some REALLY pretty surprises with this one...  you'll have to keep watching to see.

Also this week, I am getting more massage work on my arms.  One treatment has made a WORLD of difference on the condition and abilities of my hands.  No surgery here...  though the true test will come once I really get back to work. 

I got some terrific hand-friendly gifts from my family this year.  I have rose soap, almond hand & nail butter, a universal craft floor stand that holds the embroidery hoop or frame for you while you sit and stitch, and a really cool voice-activated computer program called 'Dragon Naturally Speaking' that TYPES EVERYTHING YOU SAY.  No kidding.  It's very intelligent.  I can blab away, and the words just pour out onto the screen.  It was just under $100 from Future Shop I think.  (Office Depot?)  It also types out every time you say, "Kids!  Please keep it down.  Mama is talking on the computer".  haha.  There are simple prompts you can say to delete those.  ; )

Universal Craft Stand by Frank A. Edmunds & Co. (their photo)

On the homefront, we have a wee bit snow!  I'm not sure how long it will last.  It's still incredibly mild out.  Speaking of weather, did you know that two of my photos were featured on The Weather Network?  One was used in an online feature story, and the other was on their TV station this morning!  Cool : )  You can go back to the last two posts to see the pictures.

Have a good week, and happy new year to everyone!  Linking to: The Needle & Thread Network.


HollyM said...

I have loved the blue/green combination for many years. Your thread painting is lovely too.

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

I love those colours! Can't wait to see what you are doing!
And your computer dictation is very cool..have fun with that!

elle said...

Keep us appraised of the benefits of massage. And the fabric colours are so yummy!

MyNorth said...

Can't wait to see the corsage on the Prairie dress!

Mouse Droppings Fine Folk Art said...

I have really enjoyed watching you create throughout the year...your work inspires me! I do believe I will have to look up that universal floor frame...just the thing I need right now...Wishing you a creativity filled New Year. Cheers, Susan

greelyrita said...

Love those fabrics! Makes me think of spring already. I'll be looking forward to progress with them.

├Žble said...

Your right 2011 has been a great year. And here's to an incredible 2012!

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